7 Important Things You Never Realized You Should Be Doing During Sex

When you’re having sex, you’re probably only thinking about one thing: sex. That makes sense! Sex is fun and exciting, and when you’re getting it on, you don’t really have time to think about other things, like how much noise you’re making, or how messy it’s getting. It’s okay, it’s normal to get swept up in the moment and not think about other things. But sometimes, you need to take a second to actually think about what you’re doing.

Yes, it can be hard to think about other things besides orgasms, but I promise, there are things that will really make your sexual experience a lot better, and you probably don’t realize it. Obviously, if you’re having fun when you’re having sex, and you and your partner are being safe, you will still have a great time. But, there are little things that will actually make it better. If you tend to get it on pretty frequently, or just in general, you should take a look at these little things you didn’t realize you should be doing during sex. I promise, it will make a difference!

Put Music On

You might not realize this, but sex can be pretty loud. When you're getting it on, you might make some, uh, noises. That's fine, but you might want to be a little courteous to your roommates/neighbors and not be super loud when you're getting it on. Putting on some background music or even a TV show can help make your sex session a little quieter.

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Keep Water Nearby

Guys, sex is exhausting. You work up a sweat and can get super dehydrated, so you want to be sure to keep water nearby. Yes, it might seem silly to stop sex to have some water, but it's really important.

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Have A Towel Near You

Let's be honest, sex can get super messy. There are ~fluids~ all over, and that can stain your sheets. It sounds weird, but you should have a towel around to clean up and, uh, wet stuff that can appear during sex.

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Pee After

The most important thing you can do after sex is go to the bathroom. Sex can introduce a ton of bacteria into your vagina, and you'll want to get that out of your system ASAP. Peeing after sex will help get that nasty bacteria out so that you can be healthy and safe.

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Talk About STDs

Okay, you should actually ask them about STDs before you get it on. Have a talk about what form of protection and birth control you guys are going to use. You might get too excited and think it will ruin the mood, but it's really important to have this discussion with anyone you plan on having sex with.

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Tell Them What You Want

Don't just lay there - tell your partner exactly what you want. Sex really should be fun, and you should make sure you're communicating with your partner while you're getting it on. This also means that if they are doing something you don't like, you should tell them ASAP.

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Ask For Consent

Consent is so important! Even if you've had sex with this person before, a simple "is this okay" is important when you're trying out a new sex position or anything, really. You want to make sure your partner is comfortable with what you guys are doing, and they should do the same for you!

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