18 Cute Gifts You Need To Ask For If You Love To Sleep

If you are a human being, then I am assuming you love to sleep. Who doesn’t? Being awake and doing stuff is cool and fun, but it’s only cool and fun if you’ve had enough sleep. As I write this, I am thinking about curling up under some blankets and listening to my sound machine as a drift off into a nice afternoon nap. Unfortunately, I can’t do that for another few hours, so this is a little bit like what torture feels like, I think. But anyway, the point is that sleeping is wonderful, and so these gifts would work for pretty much anyone, making the holidays a whole lot easier.

All of the below gifts can help contribute to a better sleep experience – they’ll keep you comfy, they’ll make you more relaxed, and they also all happen to be aesthetically pleasing. What more could you ask for in a gift? If you’re a sleepy chick who needs some gift ideas for yourself, these are perfect. If you need a gift idea for literally anyone else, these are perfect. Make everyone’s holiday a little bit more cozy with these gifts for anyone who loves to sleep:

1. A Cozy Pillow


Stay Home Fleece Throw Pillow, $39, Urban Outfitters

Cozy, comfy pillows are obviously a must if you sleep a lot, and this one is pretty on point. Hey, you can’t disobey the pillow’s orders!


2. Beauty Sleep Gift Set


Gourmand Tous Les Nuits Gift Set, $40, Urban Outfitters

Want to give (or receive) the gift of ultimate relaxation? This set includes a sleep mask (an essential!), a rose candle, and a matching rose perfume. Even the matches are pretty look at. It’s also at a pretty amazing price point.


3. A Onesie


Aerie Plush Onesie, $59.95, American Eagle Outfitters

Onesie’s make an awesome gift, because it’s something someone probably wouldn’t buy for themselves and it’s kind of cute and quirky. This one says, “Dear Santa, I can explain,” so it’s ideal for the holidays.


4. A Sleepy Sweatshirt


Oversized Hoodie, $78, Bow and Drape

Want a piece that can be worn when snuggling in bed or when going out? This hoodie from Bow and Drape is the answer. The sequined letters make it work even if you’re being social, but it’s still cozy enough for a nap.


5. A Silk Eye Mask

Slip Beauty Sleep Pink Collection, $109, Nordstrom

I firmly believe that a silk eye mask is a great gift for anyone. It helps you sleep better (it keeps you from being distracted by lights that you might not even realize are ruining your sleep) and it’s good for your sensitive eye area. Plus, it just feels really glamorous. The Slip silk eye mask is my absolute favorite, and this collection from Nordstrom comes with the pillow case too.


6. Silk Pillow Case 


Slip Silk Pillowcase, $79, Anthropologie

And, okay, speaking of a silk pillow case, let’s talk about it: silk pillow cases are better than a regular ole’ pillow case because they keep your hair from getting frizzy and messy. They’re also better for your skin – and they feel amazing. This one from Slip makes a really thoughtful gift.


7. A Coffee To-Go Mug


Hot Stuff Thermal Mug, $18, ban.do

If you love to sleep, then I’m sure you also love coffee (and if not, why?). So, ask for (or gift) this cute thermal mug. It’s simple and adorable, and keeps your beverages nice and hot.


8. String Lights


Night Sky String Lights, $20, Free People

String lights give off the perfect ambience for a cozy bedroom, and they’re great for naps or just being lazy. They’re also really pretty to look at. These moon string lights will make anyone feel more comfortable and happy.


9. Relaxing Gift Set


Stress Relief Relaxed Gift Bag, $31.50, Bath and Body Works

Give the gift of pure relaxation with this Bath and Body Works set. The eucalyptus and spearmint scent will make you instantly feel less stressed, and the bag is great as a makeup bag. I love this scent so much!


10. A Comfy Blanket


Calhoun & Co Good At Naps Throw, $109, Urban Outfitters

Hey, you need a good blanket if you want to sleep a lot. This one isn’t too heavy or scratchy, and it’s really cute even when it’s just laying on your bed.


11. Cute Leggings


Sundry Embroidered Leggings, $68, Anthropologie

Ask for (or gift) a pair of leggings that are comfortable enough to lounge around in all day, and cute enough to wear when you need to be, like, a person.


12. A Bedside Tray


Fringe Studio So Dreamy Ceramic Tray, $14, Nordstrom

I think pretty little trays are always an easy gift to give if you’re feeling clueless about what to get, because everyone could use one. This one is perfect for holding the jewelry you take off before bed.


13. Dream Dust


Moon Juice Dream Dust, $38, Sephora

This little powder will help you feel relaxed and sleepy and also has lots of beauty benefits. It’s made with superherbs that are meant to help soothe stress, and it tastes good!



14. An Appropriate Tee


Nap Queen Rolled Tee, $36, Shop Betches

Anyone who prides themselves on their napping abilities will love this “Nap Queen” t-shirt. It’s perfect for sleeping or going out!


15. Sleep Hair Cap


Vernon Francois Sleep~In Silk Cap, $25, Sephora

If you love to sleep but hate how sleeping messes with your hair, ask for this silk sleep cap. It will keep your hair smooth and shiny so you don’t wake up to a tangled mess.


16. A Sloth Pillow


Furry Sloth Pillow, $49, Urban Outfitters

Why do you need to ask for this sloth pillow? Because it’s a sloth pillow. Duh.


17. Foot Warmers


Sea-son to Snuggle USB Foot Warmers, $39, Modcloth

Want to keep your toes toasty as you drift off? These foot warmers are absolutely adorable and they’ll keep you super cozy all winter long.


18. Relaxing Tea


Dr. Jackson’s Herbal Tea Relax, $35, Credo

This jar of relaxing herbal tea is super pretty and would make a really gift set when paired with a pretty mug.


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