7 Randomly Good Things About Having A Vagina

If you have a vagina, I probably don’t have to tell you how much it sucks. I mean, we talk about it so much here at Gurl, it’s hard to remember that there are actually some GOOD things about having a vagina. I know, shocking! It might seem hard to remember, since we have to do so much to keep up with our vaginas, but it’s true! Yes, periods are annoying, and yes, waxing or shaving is a hassle, but it’s important to take some time and think about the good things that a vagina can do.

It’s hard to look past the idea of blood coming out of your vagina every 28 days, but most of the month, your vagina is actually doing some important things. When you think about it, having a vagina can be awesome. It’s strong AF, can have a lot of sex, and can even clean itself. I know that you’re so used to hating on your “down there” area, but trust me for a minute, and take a look at the best parts about having a vagina.

It Self Cleans

Yes! Your vagina is a self-cleaning machine that knows exactly what to do! You don't really have to stress about down there, since your vagina knows how to protect itself. Obviously, you need to do some stuff to help it out, but it knows what its doing.

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It's Strong AF

Not only can your vagina clean itself, but it's also strong AF. It can actually trap a penis inside, not to mention the fact that it can literally push a BABY out. Yeah, it can be annoying, but your vagina can also be pretty effing powerful.

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You Don't Have Yo Deal With Erections

This is a pretty good upside. When people with vaginas get horny, they don't really have to deal with anything besides some wetness. When people with penises get horny, it shows. So, this is one example of why vaginas are pretty cool.

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It Can Have A Ton Of Orgasms

People with penises CAN have multiple orgasms, but people with vaginas can have a lot more in one sitting, which is pretty cool, IMO.  Maybe it's to make up for the few days a month were people with vaginas have to be in pain and bleed out? I don't know.

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You Can Wear Cute Underwear

This is a little silly, but whatever! People with vaginas can wear cute underwear that can make them feel ~sexy~ and confident. Or, no underwear at all, if you're into that.

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It's Not Super Sensitive To Pain

Your vagina might seem sensitive, but it's actually pretty strong compared to, let's say, a penis. Sure, if you get kicked in the vagina, it will hurt, but not quite as much as someone who was kicked in the penis. Plus, you don't have to worry about a penile fracture, which sounds...painful.

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You Can Masturbate

Guys, isn't the best part about having a vagina the fact that you can masturbate? I mean, sure, people without vaginas can masturbate, but still. I know a lot of things about having a vagina suck, but this makes it a little worth it, right?

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