7 Little Signs Your Crush Will Eventually Manipulate You

Being manipulated totally sucks. There is no way around that. You feel awful and are treated like crap. But the worst part about it is that you never really know when it’s happening to you until after the fact. And, just like that, you also don’t know the warning signs that someone will eventually become a manipulating person. Sometimes, those warning signs are the only way to end a relationship before it gets out of hand.

Even if you’re just in the “talking” phase of your relationship, there are some important warning signs that your crush might actually be a manipulative person. Obviously, when you first meet someone, they don’t show their “true” nature, so it takes some time and some learning to get to know who they REALLY are. If you think your crush might turn out the be a bad person, check out these little warning signs that your partner/potential bae might eventually act manipulative. 

They Get Angry

If your crush/friend gets angry at little things, it shows that they might not be the best at controlling their anger, which can lead to more intense outbursts and eventual manipulation. So, you might do a lot to avoid upsetting this person, which is a form of manipulation.

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They Get Jealous Before You Are Even Dating

Listen, if you're not even dating this person and they are possessive of you, that's a bad sign. Sure, they might not be doing something outwardly harmful, but eventually, that possession can turn dangerous.

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You Are Always Feeling Guilty

This is an early sign of manipulation. If your partner makes you feel guilty for little things- like hanging with your friends or just wanting to be alone- they are slowly manipulating you. That guilt will make you want to put them first, which is not a good thing, especially if you're not really dating.

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They Don't Leave You Alone

If this person never leaves you alone, it can be a sign that they are being a little too possessive of you, which can turn into a dangerous situation. Not only can this turn into manipulation, it can also turn into a really abusive relationship.

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They Have Erratic Mannerisms

If they are always hot and cold, it is not only annoying, but a pretty bad sign. It can be incredibly confusing and frustrating, but can also signify that they aren't very good at handling their emotions, and that's a bad sign for later on.

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They Always Neg

Even silly little insults can make this person feel like they have power over you. They might make fun of you with "harmless" jokes, but those can lead to not-so harmless jokes, which can lead to manipulation and abuse.

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They Put Pressure On You

Any time anyone puts pressure on you, it's a bad sign. Especially if you don't know this person well, or you haven't been dating long. If you feel any sort of pressure to date this person, or do sexual things with them, they are not to be trusted.

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