7 Gross Things That Happen During Your Period That Are Actually Normal

Ah, periods. Approximately half the world gets them, yet they’re not talked about as openly as they should be. And if people talk about them, they tend to keep things light (pun fully intended) and avoid some of the more “gross” things. Here at Gurl, we’re down to talk about everything from first periods to period sex, and everything in between.

Periods are a normal, natural thing, which is why there should be no shame talking about them. Despite this, there are some aspects that people keep quiet about, especially if they’re afraid that they’re not normal. It’s not the greatest because if we don’t talk about things, it leaves us wondering and wondering whether they’re actually normal or not.

In keeping with the philosophy about being open talking about periods and our bodies, I’ve got seven gross things that happen during periods that people stress about, but are actually normal.

You Notice Bloody Clumps Down There

People talk about period blood a bunch, but what they fail to mention is clots or clumps. Hands up if you've ever been surprised to look at your pad, underwear, or the toilet and see some chunkage going on? Don't worry, you're not dying. That clumping is likely part of the uterine wall that sheds when we menstruate.

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Your Discharge Is Brownish

You're probably familiar with the normal spectrum of discharge colors and types. That's probably why you might freak out if you go from clear or whitish discharge to seeing brownish discharge when you're ending your period. Don't panic. It's actually normal. It's your vag doing what it's supposed to and cleaning away the last of the period blood. And period blood plus whitish discharge equals brownish discharge.

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You Can Sometimes Feel The Flow

I'm not just referring to those unfortunate days you start your period but don't notice until hours later after you've soaked through your underwear and pants. I'm talking about times you're on your period and you're afraid to sneeze in class for fear that some blood may come shooting out. Then there are those times where you carefully stand up because you know the flood gates are about to open. We've all been there.

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You Have The Urge To Go Poo

We're all familiar how periods affect our vags, but back there? Now, that's something that people don't chat about as much. You might wonder if it's just you that has the urge to go poop during your period, but it's not. Period poo is a thing. Without getting too technical, it happens thanks to hormones and cramping. Sometimes the hormones that cause the uterine lining to slough away want to get rid of other things too so they go out the back door.

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It Smells Different Down There

Without getting into questionable douching kits and perfumes, all vaginas have a natural scent. It can change from a number of things and that includes when you're menstruating. You might have heard the one about changes in smell down there to be a sign that something is out of whack, but that usually does not apply with periods. When you think about it, it's normal for things to smell different given all of the blood down there.

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You Get Dried Blood Clumps In Your Pubes

Pubic hair is a natural and normal thing that helps protect vaginas. The one slightly annoying thing about periods plus pubic hair means that you can get dried blood clumps in them. And sometimes they can lead to some slightly gross and awkward moments when the wrong hairs clump together. Ouch.

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You Have To Fart More

No, it's not the takeout food that you ate that's causing you to fart more. It could be your period. Why? It goes along with period poops, bloating, and cramping. And we know that is all related to the fluctuations of hormones.

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What other things happen during your period that you think are gross? Let us know in the comments!

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