16 Gifts That Are Perfect For Any Gilmore Girls Fan

Around this time of year, every year, I often find myself craving comfort food. I don’t just mean actual, edible food here (though that is always appreciated), but, rather comfort food in all forms. Comfort food books. Comfort food music. Comfort food TV–which, obviously, can only be Gilmore Girls.

Sure, Gilmore Girls certainly isn’t a perfect show by any definition of the term–last year’s abysmal Netflix revival serves as solid evidence for that–but comfort food isn’t supposed to be perfect. It’s just supposed to feel just good enough in the moment that you need it. And Gilmore Girls is great for just, like, filling that gnawing void that seems to rear its head every November.

Anyway, the point here is that, chances are, there is a person in your life who would really appreciate a Gilmore Girls-related gift this holiday season. And, possibly, that person is you! Whatever the case may, check out these awesome gifts that will be perfect for any Gilmore Girls fan:

1. This Chilton pin, which is perfect for a Rory Gilmore costume or to slap on a blazer whenever you want to feel fancy:


Buy this for $10 from Etsy


2. This “Cook Like A Gilmore” apron. Which doesn’t really make sense because, you know, Rory and Lorelai famously never cook. But it’s cute!cook-like-a-gilmore

Buy this for $18.99 from Etsy


3. This Eat Like A Gilmore cookbook. You can wear your apron when you make the recipes!


Buy this for $16.99 from Amazon


4. This Dragonfly Inn sweatshirt:


Buy this for $21 from Etsy


5. An “I smell snow” t-shirt to wear on days when you really, really want a snow day:

Buy this for $25 from Etsy


6. Lauren Graham’s autobiography, for obvious reasons:lauren-graham-book

Buy this for $12.71 from Amazon


7. These Luke’s Diner coffee pods:


Buy these for $21 from Etsy


8. Which you can drink out of your Luke’s Diner mug, obviously:


Buy this for $10.99 from Amazon


9. Luke’s Diner cookie cutters:


Buy this for $6.50 from Etsy


10. This legitimately gorgeous Luke’s Diner poster:lukes-diner

Buy this for $6.50 from Etsy


11. This sweet mug to give to your…daughter? Or, potentially, your best friend:rory-lorelai-mug

Buy this for $14.99 from Amazon


12. Or this Stars Hollow mug because, TBH, wouldn’t we all rather be there?stars-hollow

Buy this for $18 from Etsy


13. This charming AF Stars Hollow poster:stars-hollow-print

Buy this for $16.50 from Etsy


14. This Team Jess candle, so that you can let everyone know that you’re on the RIGHT side:team-jess-candle

Buy this for $16.50 from Etsy


15. This objectively terrifying (but amazing!) Sookie St. James Funko Pop:


Buy this for $9.95 from Barnes & Noble


16. And, finally, these sweet Luke’s Diner socks. What a look!Untitled-3

Buy these for $13.99 from Amazon


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