7 Super Weird But Important Facts About Vaginal Discharge

Hey you, reading this: do you have a vagina? If you answered yes to that, then you also probably have to deal with the fun and exciting idea of vaginal discharge. JK, it’s not fun and is very much not exciting, but most people with vaginas are very familiar with vaginal discharge. You know, that sticky stuff that comes out down there and seems to ruin every pair of underwear that you’ve ever owned? Yeah, that stuff.

The good news is that vaginal discharge is totally normal. But, that doesn’t make it any less weird or annoying. Bodies are pretty weird, but the more we know about them, the easier it is for us to understand what exactly goes on with us. If you have a vagina and have experienced discharge in your life, then you should be sure to check out these weird but important facts about vaginal discharge so you can get more familiar with what’s going on down there. 

Soy Can Increase Your Discharge

Weird, but true! Any food products that contain soy can actually cause more discharge, but that's a good thing, especially if you have trouble getting wet down there. Also, if you find yourself having a LOT of discharge, you might want to look into what you're eating.

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Smoking Can Decrease Discharge

There are a ton of reasons not to smoke, but here is another downside to the habit: it can cause vaginal dryness, which will make sex a lot harder and more uncomfortable. So, for your overall health and your vaginal health, it's good to stay away from smoking.

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Your Discharge Changes According To Cycle

Do you ever notice that sometimes your vagina can have a TON of discharge, but other times, you're dry as a desert down there? That's normal, and likely has to do with your cycle. Depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle, your discharge will fluctuate. On your first day of ovulation, you are most likely to have a lot more discharge, and it will probably be more clear and "stretchy."

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It Can Ruin Your Underwear

We all know that discharge can ruin underwear but...why? It's pretty interesting. Discharge is actually very acidic, which is why it shows up on your black underwear. It sounds scary, but it's what helps keep your vagina clean and healthy.

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It's Meant To Clean Your Vagina

Speaking of a healthy vagina, discharge is actually super important. Yes, it's annoying AF and can ruin your best pairs of underwear, but discharge is what helps keep your vagina healthy and functioning. It's sort of like a self-cleaning machine, so you don't have to do any of those "DIY vagina" hacks that are VERY bad for you.

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There Can Be Blood In Your Discharge

Don't panic- but some discharge can have blood in it. It's okay! It normally happens at the end or beginning of your period. If there is a lot of blood, you should tell a doctor ASAP.

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Discharge is Totally Normal

I know how annoying discharge can be, but it's totally normal. You've probably seen or heard girls talking about how they DON'T have discharge, and that's not normal. Your vagina needs to clean itself!

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