15 Tumblr Posts That Explain You If You Literally Have No Money

If you are reading this right now, I am going to go ahead and assume that, in this moment, you are a little broke. Maybe a lot broke. Or, possibly, the most broke you have ever been. And, if this is the case for you, you will know that this is…not the best situation to be in, exactly. Money isn’t everything, obviously, and, as you probably know, it can’t actually buy you happiness. But it definitely is useful at times!

In any case, wherever you are on the money-having spectrum, chances are good that you have a little less money than you would like right now. (But, then again, isn’t that the case for all of us!) If this sounds like you, check out these Tumblr posts that you will relate to (with a good deal of sadness, possibly) if you, like the people who made them, kind of have no money:

1. Pretty much!



2. Same:



3. When you’re broke AF but still have to get an education:



4. It’s a dangerous world out there:



5. Who can’t relate?



6. If you aren’t so broke that your money is *literally* broken…wyd?



7. You, flirting:



8. You, trying out some cool new sex positions:



9. Why are you like this? (Why are we all like this?)



10. Yep!



11. Even the ATM is concerned for you:



12. This is the best coping mechanism that money can’t buy!


13. Relatable:



14. Me:



15. You know that thing when, like, some money is just…too much money?


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