15 Tiny Star Tattoos That Will Look Good On Everyone

It is now November. And, with all of the things that tend to go along with the month of November–gray skies, chilly weather, and a general sense of prominent, purposeless ennui–chances are good that you are searching for something to make your life have a little more…pep. Maybe, for you, that means getting a new lipstick color. Or testing out some bold new outfits. Or, uh, trying out some new recipes. Or, maybe, that isn’t enough for you, and you need something more–if so, you might want to get a new tattoo.

Nothing, like, crazy, obviously.  But, if you’re really in the doldrums, and your parents are okay with it (or you’re over eighteen) there’s nothing wrong with getting a new teeny, tiny tattoo. And, if you are looking to make your life feel just a little more exciting, this teeny tiny tattoo should be in the shape of a star. So, check out some of these tiny, adorable star tattoos that, no matter what, will look good on everyone:

1. Some behind-the-ear stars are always a good look:



2. These star and moon wrist tattoos are ADORABLE:

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3. These little stars kind of look like freckles, right?


4. And so do these!



5. If someone gives you a hard time about your tattoos aging poorly, just show them this:


6. This is….too cute, maybe?


7. IF you want something a little bigger, you can always try getting a constellation:


8. Or this cut l’il spaceship:



9. Simple and classic!



10. Want something really tiny? Just get a little star inside your ear:


11. Or one right on your clavicle:

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12. Or on your ring finger!



13. Or on your wrist. It’s all up to you!


14. You can also try this smaller, more subtle design, which clearly works well on your forearm:

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15. Just get a star tattoo! You know, if you want:


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