16 Embarrassing Things You’ll Only Understand If You Get Your Period

No matter how you spin it, periods are not fun. At all. Sure, it means your body is working correctly and it is doing what it is supposed to do, but at what cost?! You are in pain, you feel gross, and you have to go through this every month for the next 50 or so years. I know, it sucks. The only positive thing that comes out of getting your period is learning that all of your weird and embarrassing things you go through are actually pretty normal.

All of these annoying and frustrating things you go through during your ~time of the month~ can actually be sort of funny, when you think about it. Sure, they suck, but they make for some super relatable Tumblr posts. Yes, getting your period in public and having some weird stains on your pants, or randomly crying out of nowhere sucks, but let’s take comfort in the fact that we are all going through it. So, if you get a period, check out these super relatable and embarrassing things that we all go through.

1. There you are, in the middle of living your life, and then…it happens:



2. Or, it happens in the middle of the night, and you feel like you’ve been through a war:



3. You FEEL like there is blood everywhere, even though there isn’t:



4. Or, maybe, there actually is blood everywhere:



5. You just want to SCREAM at everyone, for no reason:



6. You have to have your friends check on your pants:



7. You are all of these moods:



8. You just…eat…everything:



9. Sneezing is, like, the worst thing to ever happen:



10. Actually, everything is the worst:



11. You just yell at everyone! For no reason!:



12. You can’t help but be over dramatic:



13. And sit in really weird positions:



14. And then… you think it’s over, so you don’t wear a pad or tampon. But…



15. And when you do wear a pad, they are the worst things ever:



16. And, if you DON’T get it, you MUST be pregnant:


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