7 Ways You’re Ruining Your Underwear

I don’t know about you, but if I spend my hard-earned money on something, I want to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a cute sweater, a new lipstick, or even a pair of underwear. As much as I love Victoria’s Secret, I don’t want to be running there every week to buy more 5 for $25 panties.

And, even if that is the kind of thing you are into, the last thing anyone wants to do is be wearing a pair of underwear once and tossing it in the garbage. Because unless you’re buying disposable underwear, that should not be happening. And if it is, or you feel like you have to buy new underwear a little too often, you might be doing things that are ruining your underwear faster.

Of course we cannot discount the fact that you could be buying panties that aren’t top quality. If you’ve already thought about that and tried switching brands, but you’re still going through underwear faster than tissues, have a look at seven ways you could be ruining your undies.

Not Tending To Stains Right Away

Obviously there will be times when you won't be able to deal with period stains right away. For instance, it's unlikely anyone would start scrubbing their stained underwear at school. That being said, it's still wise to do it as soon as possible. Do it that day as opposed to throwing the stained undies in your laundry basket and thinking you'll get to them eventually. The longer those stains are on there, the more difficult they are to get out.

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Wearing The Wrong Size

Wearing too-small undies isn't good for your lady parts. It's also not good for the underwear themselves. If you're squeezing into a pair of underwear it could cause them to stretch out completely or even rip. No one wants to be wearing a pair of underwear and suddenly have the elastic band give away. Trust.

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Not Following The Washing Instructions

I get that you probably feel that you're capable of washing clothes so you might not need to look at a tag, but you should. In fact, you should look at the tag for every garment you wash. Some super delicate pairs of underwear could strictly be hand-wash only. And then there are ones that are okay to wash in the machine but only on a delicate cycle. Save yourself the heartache, and ruined underwear, and check those tags.

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Putting Underwear That's Still A Bit Stained In The Wash And Dryer

Hands up if you've hand-washed a pair of underwear and got most of the stains out then you threw them in the wash and thought you would let the washing machine take care of the rest? The machine might, but it might not. And if you then go and throw those stained undies in the dryer, you're screwed. That's because the heat basically sets the stain.

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You're Always Throwing Your Underwear In The Dryer

You know what I just said about popping your underwear in the dryer sets the stains? Well, putting your panties in the dryer to begin with isn't the greatest. Why? Underwear is made out of delicate materials and elastic, and both of those things don't react well to heat. Constantly putting your underwear in the dryer can cause them to stretch out. It might even cause some pairs to melt.

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Masturbating Over Your Underwear

There are lots of ways to masturbate. Some people like to do it completely naked while others go for a half-clothed method. Some people even like to do quickie sessions while they're still wearing their underwear. It can work, but be conscious if you're stretching your underwear to accommodate sex toys or fingers. Also, be wary of anything constantly rubbing against them. Remember that is delicate fabric.

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Wearing Super Tight Pants

In addition to possibly squeezing your internal organs, a pair of too-tight pants could be ruining your underwear. If you find that you're always getting holes in the crotch of your underwear, it could be from the seam on a too-tight pair of pants constantly rubbing them. A pair of lacy undies doesn't stand much of a chance when a thick denim seam is rubbing against them.

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What other ways have you ruined your underwear? Let us know in the comments!

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