8 Ways To Feel Less Ugly That Actually Work

I have a friend who is a teenage girl who is always going on and on about how ugly she is. When I look at her selfies, I think she must have vision problems or something, because she’s super cute. But I also think, hell, who am I to talk? I felt ugly and unattractive a lot in high school. Looking back, I realize that I really didn’t even look that bad, I just didn’t really know how to wear a bra that fit and I was going through puberty and it’s naturally to look a little awkward when your body is literally growing into your body.

So here’s the thing: No matter what you look like, you’re going to have days–hell, maybe even years–in which you just feel like a total fuggo. I’m here to tell you, in all sincerity, that even though those days happen plenty of times when you’re an adult, more confident days are ahead of you. But what are you to do when you feel ugly as sin now? What if you don’t have the patience to wait 10 years to feel better about yourself? I feel your pain and I’ve got you: Check out these eight ways to feel less ugly that actually work. It’s not a cure all, but I assure you you’ll feel better.

Making A Slight Change To Your Appearance Might Be All You Need To Feel Massively Better About Your Looks

I'm a big advocate for just letting time take its course and gaining more confidence, because confidence is really the biggest key to feeling better about your looks. But let's be real: Sometimes, tweaking your appearance a little bit can help facilitate that confidence a bit more. If you've worn glasses since you were little, try contacts and see if you like the way they look on you too. Bored with your hair? Try a different style. Hate the way your clothes fit? Buy a new bra in a better size for your body and see if that helps. Feel like your face is a little plain? Throw on a touch of lipstick or eyeliner in the morning before school and see if you feel a difference. You don't have to go full makeover to feel better about yourself.


You Actually Don't Want To Peak In Your Teens

Okay, I'm going to keep it really real with you guys: One big reason why you shouldn't even fret too much about not being smoking hot in high school is because being hot in high school is nothing to brag about. I mean, maybe it is when you're actually there, but guess what? You'll spend most of your life outside of high school, and do you really want your glory days of hottie hot hotness to be when you were 15-years-old? No, you really don't. Trust me, I know people who peaked in high school, and they really let it get to their heads. Being hot when you were in tenth grade really isn't that impressive, I assure you. You have a whole life ahead of you, sis.

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Most Of Us Go Through An Awkward Stage

It seems harder to believe nowadays because of how good teenagers are with makeup and filters these days, but yeah, it's totally normal to go through an awkward phase when you're a teenager. Yes, even looking a little funky, not wearing clothes that fit your body right BECAUSE YOUR BODY IS CHANGING AND YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO ACCOMMODATE FOR THAT, etc. This is normal, dude. I look back at my photos from high school and I think, "Yep, I was cute, but man I didn't know how to wear a bra that fit, or how to make my hair look less fried." This...is normal. It's okay if we don't look like Instagram models every damn day when we're a teenager. If you're skeptical, look at high school photos of some of the hottest celebrities out there. I assure you, most of them looked awkward as hell too.


The Day You're Feeling The Ugliest Is The Day You Need To Go All Out With A Look You Love

SELF-ESTEEM HACK. No, but really, this will do wonders to boost your mood: On those days when you're feeling really iffy about your looks, you should stunt. By that I mean, wear your favorite outfit, mimic that makeup tutorial you really like, or rock a sheet mask before school. Do anything you can to help make yourself feel like a badass, even if you feel like you're faking it. Haven't you heard the phrase fake it 'til you make it?

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Believe It Or Not, Someone, Somewhere, Thinks You're Cute

I wouldn't have believed this when I was in high school, so it's okay if you don't believe it now, but here it goes: There's someone who thinks you're cute. There just is, okay? You might think you look like a slug, but there's someone, somewhere, who thinks you're attractive. Don't lose hope!


People's Glo Ups Come At Different Times

Just because your friend suddenly became disgustingly gorgeous seemingly overnight, doesn't mean that there's no hope for you to look and feel good about yourself. Everyone has their lil' glo up at their own time, and it's okay if you think that you're still in your awkward phase. Just don't try too hard to ~turn hot~. This isn't a teen movie, this is real life, embrace it.

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Pamper Yourself

Listen, we all feel like total fuggos sometimes. Some of us feel like it more than we should, but that's neither here nor there. But you know what helps you feel better even if you're not feeling too hot? Pampering yourself. Seriously, maybe your hair isn't cooperating and it's driving you nuts, but if you give yourself a little mani pedi you'll feel more put together. Maybe you've been self-conscious about the way your jeans have been fitting lately. You know what might make you feel better? Throwing on your favorite face mask and getting into a hot and feeling super cleansed. Basically, acknowledging you're feeling a little funky and giving yourself a healthy distraction that'll offer a bit of a pick me up.

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Consider The Way Your Mental Health Might Affect The Way You Feel About Your Appearance

For some, a sour mood about the way we look isn't just a matter of feeling off every now and then, it's coupled with a more serious condition. Whether you're dealing with depression, body dysmorphia, an eating disorder, or all of the above, it's important that you take that into consideration when you're feeling low. Your brain is, essentially, effing with you, and that's hard as hell to fight. If you can, consider going to therapy or at least seeing a doctor if your negative feelings about your appearance are so severe that it's starting to worry you. Don't feel like a weirdo for seeking help.

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