20 Gifts That Your Friends Will Actually Use for $20 Or Less

Now that Halloween is in the past, it’s officially the holiday season. I know, it feels like it starts earlier and earlier with every year, but I don’t make the rules here, okay? It’s as if the second it’s 12:01 AM on the first of November, Mariah Carey’s Christmas album rises from its year long slumber and plays incessantly in our heads until New Year. So, have you thought about what you want as a gift yet? Well, you better get started with those hints to your parents. But what if you’re feeling a little more giving this year and you want to focus heavily on giving your friends gifts this year?

Deciding to take the time to give holiday gifts to your friends is super mature and caring move to make, but let’s be real: We know you’re on a budget. You don’t have the coin to give your friend some Urban Decay palette or some super-luxe chashmere sweater from J. Crew that you know she’ll love. But you don’t have to go broke showing your friends that you value their friendship. If you want some affordable gift ideas, check out these 20 holiday gift ideas for $20 or less. And better yet, these are gifts that your friends will actually be able to use.


1. This cute patch for your chillest friend to stick on her backpack or denim jacket.

no drama club patch

Buy it at Bando for $12.


2. A killer Colourpop eyeshadow that packs a lot of pigment and punch for not a lot of money.

colourpop super shock shadow sequin

Buy it at Colourpop for $5.


3. This creepy baby face mask that will actually make your skin look amazing afterwards (seriously, it’s unreal). 

dr jart clear skin lover rubber mask

Buy it at Sephora for $12.


4. Balm Dot Com for the Glossier stan in your life (you already know who it is).

glossier balm dot com

Buy it at Glossier for $12.



5. A copy of the sun and her flowers by Rupi Kaur for your one friend who reads too much Instagram poetry.

the sun and her flowers By Rupi Kaur

Buy it at Amazon for $10.19.



6. A vinyl of that album your BFF won’t shut up about (if they have a record player, of course).

sza ctrl vinyl

Buy SZA’s “CTRL” for $20.74 at Amazon (yes, 74 cents over budget but you’ll survive).


7. This adorable collar pin set for someone who’s obsessed with Riverdale.

betty and veronica riverdale collar pins clips sara lyons

Buy it at Betty and Veronica for $15.


8. A really gorgeous candle that literally anyone would love. I mean, who doesn’t love candles TBH?

Gourmand Candle oud sahara

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $14.


9. This cute cactus shaped catch-all for someone who always wears jewelry (and has a tendency to misplace her favorites).

Sass and Belle Cactus Shape Jewelry Dish

Buy it at ASOS for $10.50.



10. A political shirt for any of your friends who really care about WTF is going on in this effed up world of ours.

why be racist sexist homophobic or transphobic shirt

Buy it at Green Box Shop for $18.99.


11. Some pretty rose tinted sunglasses for your fashionable BFF who lowkey treats her Instagram account as her own personal style blog. Great for a denim heavy boho look or a killer contrast to an edgier look complete with leather jacket.

South Beach Rose Gold Round Glasses with Pink Tinted Lens

Buy them at ASOS for $19.


12. A little Clinque gift set that’s perfect for anyone who is either already into skincare or might want to start a routine.

CLINIQUE Great Skin 1-2-3 For Oily Skin gift set

Buy it at Sephora for $15.


13. A cute carrying case for that friend who has a zillion toiletries and you have no idea how she handles them all.


Buy it at Bando for $20.


14. A fancy but simple red lipstick that almost anyone would appreciate as a gift, especially if they normally can’t afford a high end lipstick!

urban decay vice lipstick bad blood

Buy it at Sephora for $17.


15. A UFO pin for a pal who is out of this world! Ha…ha ha…sorry guys.

ufo pin bigbudpress

Buy it at Big Bud Press for $12.


16. A high quality nail polish that will actually last more than a few days for that one friend who always needs to have pained nails or she’ll die.

ZOYA Nail Lacquer in hudson

Buy it at Ulta or $9.


17. A cute lil’ mug for the coffee/tea drinker in your friend group.

Cutie Baby Porcelain Mug tuesday bassen

Buy it at Tuesday Bassen for $15.


18. A full coverage foundation that’s high quality, highly reviewed, and amazingly cheap. Yes, it exists! Great for a friend who is a makeup fiend or someone who is on a budget and can’t spend $42 on a foundation from Sephora.

the ordinary coverage foundation

Buy it at The Ordinary for $6.90.


19. A super user friendly, creamy, buildable blush for anyone who prefers a more natural and bare bones makeup look. I swear by it!

glossier cloud paint

Buy it at Glossier for $18.


20. Clout goggles for a friend who is all about…that clout.

Venice Oval Sunglasses

Buy them at Urban Outfitters for $18.


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