15 Non-Sexual Relationship Goals You Should Want

If you have ever been in a romantic relationship with anyone before, you will know that sex is pretty crucial for holding the whole thing together. (If you aren’t asexual, that is.) Even if you aren’t really having sex, and the farthest you’ve ever gone is kissing or holding hands, there’s still a certain kind of sexual energy that should exist that makes the whole relationship feel exciting.

Without it? You’ll probably find yourself wondering why you’re even in the relationship.

But! While sex, and all of its byproducts, is certainly important in a relationship, it is certainly not the only thing that matters. There are so many other factors that have to be integrated into a relationship that, when absent, make the whole relationship a bust. No matter how good the sex is. So, check out these awesome, non-sexual (but still, like, attractive) relationship goals you should want:

1. Being on the same level of sarcasm:



2. Finding someone who wants to hang out with you without actually doing anything in particular:



3. Someone who would NEVER post a basic birthday Instagram for you:



4. Someone who WILL bring you cut-up fruit without saying anything or expecting anything in return:



5. Someone who appreciates your body from a purely aesthetic standpoint:



6. Someone who will feed you chicken nuggets when your hands are occupied:



7. Someone who will let you know when you say something stupid:



8. Someone who responds positively to texts like this:



9. And sends texts like this:



10. Someone who has the exact same amount of tolerance for other people that you do:



11. Someone who doesn’t think that any problem you have is too small:



12. Someone who wouldn’t mind doing this for you:



13. Someone who thinks you are a HOT POTATO:



14. Someone who will bring you a beautiful lettuce bouquet:



15. Someone who just wants to make you happy, no matter what:


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