7 Signs Someone Likes You That You’re Totally Missing

As far as I knew, nobody had a crush on me in high school. And if they did, they sure had a weird way of showing it. And by a weird way of showing it I mean they didn’t show it at all. Things changed when I was in college, but by then I was so clueless as to what it felt like when someone actually liked me liked me. I would have needed to have someone hit me upside the head and shout “ASHLEY THIS DUDE WANTS TO PUT HIS FACE ON YOUR FACE” to understand what was going on. This got so bad even after college that I literally went on two whole dates with a dude without fully realizing that they were dates. Look, I’m a pretty smart girl, but when it came to this I was utterly lost.

The thing is, as much as we write off dudes for being inept at everything from understanding body language to getting a clue, sometimes they really can be sneaky about giving off signals that they’re into you. Whether their methods are intentional or accidental, you should be prepared for any and all signals, especially if you’ve got a crush on ‘em yourself. Here are seven signs someone likes you that you’re totally missing.

They Let You Know That They've Gained Interest In A Movie/TV Show/Musician/Etc That You Love

So, let's say you're like me and you've been going on and on about how amazing Big Mouth is to anyone with ears. If a guy you know--whether you're friends or they're just acquaintances--goes out of his way to tell you that he watched the show, he might have done it as a means to find something to talk to you about, or just so you can praise him for his good decision making. Keep an eye out for whether he does this with your other interests. Does he let you know that he started listening to Sza? Did he watch that movie you rec'd a few weeks ago? Be vigilant, this might b more than small talk.

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He's Sharing With You A Lot More

Maybe he's offering you half of his sandwich at lunch because he had a big breakfast. Maybe he's letting you borrow a copy of some book he thinks you'll like. See where I'm going here? He's being super generous because he wants to make you happy and he wants to have something to bond with you about, whether it's a sandwich or a book.


He Finds Reasons To Touch You

If he's bold, these touches will SCREAM romantic intent, like brushing your knee or the small of your back. But chances are, he'll ease into it with moves that would come across as platonic if they didn't suddenly come out of nowhere. I'm talking hugs, resting his elbow on your shoulder for lulz, lightly shoving you, you know, playful stuff like that. It's just enough touching to be flirty but can easily be masked as merely goofing around.

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He Emphasizes How Cool And Chill It Is To Hang Out With You

Think about it: Are you two hanging out a lot more lately, and is he going on and on about how cool it is to hang out with you? Yeah, most platonic friends don't do this. He's either doing this to make sure that you don't get any ideas because he suspects you have a crush on him and he doesn't like you back or he's trying to see how much you enjoy his company. For the purposes of this post, let's assume it's the latter. He's doing this to check your boundaries and he's hoping that you want to hang out more...in a sexy way. Heh.

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They're Talking To You About Their Love Life More

They've suddenly decided that you're someone they trust to talk about their love life, relationship woes, sex, etc. Hm, interesting! Honestly, if this is a new development, keep an open mind to the idea that this might be a way for them to get you to start thinking about them in a more romantic context. Sure, they could just be confiding in you as a platonic friend--that definitely happens--but don't rule out a romantic angle.

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He's Suddenly Hanging Around Your Crew More

He's found a way to slither his way into your social circle, which, honestly, is a pretty great way to a) get your attention and b) hang out with you more. Maybe you guys already had mutual friends, making this transition pretty natural; that happens. But if he's someone who normally wouldn't really hang out with your crew and seems to be giving you a fair amount of attention...heads up!

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He'll Invite You To Something

It could just be his band practice, or maybe some gig he just found out about, or even a party. Whatever it is, he's going out of his way to see if you want to share the experience with him. He probably won't present this invite in some kind of super lovey dovey way; he's keeping it casual. In fact, he might try to keep his intentions so casual that he decides to invite some other people to this same event. But the fact that you're included can be a sign to something more. This is especially true if he goes out of his way to tell you that he hopes you can make it.

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