7 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Curly Hair In The Winter

As someone with curly hair, I must say that, in the winter, I tend to keep my hair very, well, not curly. I mean, it takes about a million years to air dry, and it always gets brittle and static-y in the dry air (unlike the summer, when the extra humidity can give it a little more bounce). So, I like to do one of two things: one: stay inside all winter and two: blow dry my hair so that it is a little more manageable. But, since I have to do things like “work”and “socialize,” I have to leave my house in a hurry sometimes without blow drying it, and going out in the cold can be torture on my hair.

The good news is that there are some easy things to do in order to keep your curly hair looking shiny and healthy, even in the dull winter air. Taking care of hair can be really hard, especially in the winter, but I have full confidence that you can pull it off. If you have curly or damaged hair, check out these easy ways to get your hair looking fabulous this season. 

Stay Away From Your Heater

So, since it's the winter, you probably want to spend every waking minute by your heater or radiator. While that will make your body super cozy, it could be pretty bad for your curls. It will dry out your hair and make it all frizzy, even when you're just hanging inside. Be sure to just be aware of your heater when your hair is drying!

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Use Heat Protectant

Thick and curly hair takes, like, eight years to dry in the winter. So, you'll probably want to use a hair straightener or blow dryer a lot when the weather gets cold. Remember to use heat protectant! This will protect your hair from getting weak and damaged, which is is already prone to do in the cold air.

OGX Protecting + Silky Blowout Spray, Ulta, $8.99

Shower With Cool Water

Okay, I know this sucks, but it's worth it. End your shower will a little bit of cool water on your hair. It will help lock in moisture to keep your curls looking shiny and bouncy. It will really make a difference, trust me.

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Try A Hair Mask

The cold hair will cause your hair to get super weak, which is why it's good to do a deep conditioning mask pretty regularly. This way, your hair will stay healthy and shiny, even when it's dull and dreary outside.

Matrix Biolage R.A.W Re-Hydrate Clay Mask, Ulta, $30

Eat Right

Yes, what you eat can totally affect how healthy your hair is. To keep your curls nice and healthy, be sure to eat a lot of super foods this fall and winter. It will help keep your body healthy, which will keep your hair looking beautiful!

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Avoid Going Out With Wet Hair

Not only is it bad for you hair, but it's bad for your health. Going out with wet hair can actually make you sick. The cold weather on top of your cold hair can cause your body to experience hypothermia-type symptoms. Keep it dry!

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Keep Your Hair Covered

You really don't want your hair to be exposed to the bitter cold, especially your luscious curls. Adding a hat or cute beanie is not only trendy,but it can help protect your hair from the air. It will also keep your head warm, which is important!

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