8 Sex Positions That Will Make Sex More Fun

As we all know, sex is supposed to be fun. I mean, that’s the point, right? You want to feel good, get super close with your bae, and enjoy an orgasm. Luckily for you, there are so many sex positions out there that you could literally try out one every day for the rest of you life. Well, maybe not that many, but you get it. Since there are so many sex positions, you don’t have to stick with boring ones like missionary. It’s cool if you love that, of course, but there a ton of other ways to get it on and have a good time.

You shouldn’t try anything you don’t want to, obviously, but if you’re looking to have a little more fun when you’re getting it on, look on further than this article. Here are a wide variety of sex positions that will work for everyone, and help switch up their routine to make it better. If you’re up for the challenge, see if you can try them all! Good luck. 


This is a fun way to switch it up with your partner. Have your bae stand behind you ad they touch you, or as you touch yourself. It's different but still awesome, and can be used as a unique form of foreplay, or even as a substitute for sex!


Kneel And Deliver

This position makes sex super intimate, which is perfect if you're into that! Have your bae kneel down and you sit on top. Then, you rock back and forth as you get it on!


The Grip

For this position, have your bae start out on all fours, then raise your hips up to meet theirs. It will not only be fun, but give you a super deep penetration.


The Pancake

For even DEEPER penetration, go for this one. It's a little different and feels good, and it also gets you and your bae super ~close~. Have your bae gt on top, and your raise your legs to their shoulders.



For this one, have your bae lay down on their side, and you lay with your legs bent over them. It looks complicated, but it's a different and exciting way to get it on with your partner.



A good way to make sex more ~lively~ is to do it somewhere a little unconventional- like the backseat of your car. Have your bae lay down and you get on top. It's probably best to do this in a not so pubic area, though.


The Slide

For this one, have your bae lay down, then you get on top, wrapping your arms around their neck. Then, they hold on to your hips for extra ~support~ as you get it on. It's super fun and intimate.



Another fun and easy position that you and your partner will want to do all the time. Have them sit with their legs out, then you sit on top and wrap your legs around. This way, you get to be super close and also get that orgasm you've been waiting for.


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