8 Reasons Why You Should Take Birth Control Even If You’re A Virgin

If you are a female-identifying person who has surpassed the age of thirteen (give or take a few years) chances are pretty good that the subject of the birth control pill has made an appearance in your healthcare conversations. It could have been with your doctor, your parents, or even some of your friends who have started taking the pills themselves for various reasons.

And, if birth control has come up and you aren’t having sex yet, chances are pretty good that talking about it has made you feel a little…odd. After all, birth control is linked pretty definitively with sexual activity–because, you know, it was technically invented to prevent pregnancy. So, if you are not trying to prevent pregnancy yourself, you could feel weird about using it yourself. But there are a ton of benefits that go along with birth control that have nothing to do with having sex or preventing pregnancy. Check out what they are here:

It Prevents Endometrial And Ovarian Cancers

Birth control has been shown to prevent endometrial and ovarian cancers. In fact, according to Elle, the longer you're on the pill, the more protection it offers. So, if endometrial or ovarian cancer runs in your family, it might be a good idea to go on the Pill.

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Your Skin Could Clear Up

One of the most common reasons why people start taking birth control is to clear up acne. This is because the Pill helps regulate your hormones, particularly testosterone. Since testosterone increases your body's oil production (which causes acne) increased testosterone can also cause acne. But taking birth control is a great start if you're trying to clear up hormonal acne, since it actually lowers your testosterone levels, and, as a result, acne. If you're taking birth control specifically for your skin, make sure to mention this to your doctor, since there are certain brands that work better than others to clear up skin.

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Periods Will Be Easier

Another reason why people go on birth control is because it can make periods a lot easier to deal with. This means less intense cramps, a shorter time being on your period, and a lighter overall flow. (Like, you won't bleed through your pad or tampon within a few hours anymore.) This is because your period on the birth control pill is basically a fake period--you simply take a series of placebo pills at the end of every pack to mimic a period, but it's not the same thing that your body would normally do when you're on your period. Because of this, periods are shorter and easier to deal with.

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You'll Have More Regular Periods

If you've had your period for over a year and it still isn't regular, you might want to consider going on the Pill. This is because the placebo pills at the end of a birth control pack trigger bleeding at a certain time of every month, so you actually know when your period will start and begin. While it's not technically a "real" period, your doctor may prescribe you birth control pills if you're irregular to ensure that you're shedding your endometrial lining.

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You'll Prevent Ovarian Cysts

The birth control pill ensures that you don't ovulate or shoot out eggs each month. This is helpful if you are prone to ovarian cysts--basically, the pill allows your ovaries to rest, which prevents cysts from developing on them.

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It Reduces Your Risk Of Anemia

Anemia is a common condition in which the blood doesn't contain enough red blood cells, which can lead to reduced oxygen in the body's organs. This can lead to feelings of fatigue, weakness, cold hands and feet, and shortness of breath. If you feel like you've been experiencing these symptoms, visit a doctor--it's possible that this is anemia caused by an iron deficiency, which is often helped by birth control pills (especially if you have a heavy period).

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It Prevents Bone Thinning

Bone density, and the effects it has on your body, probably isn't the biggest thing on your mind right now. But, tbh, it kinda should be! Bone health is a pretty big issue for women, since bone density declines with age and can leave women at a higher risk for osteoporosis. And, according to Planned Parenthood, taking birth control can help reduce bone thinning. So, don't be surprised if your doctor puts you on the pill and mentions bone health as a benefit.

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You Might Have Sex One Day

So, you aren't having sex right now. And it might not seem as though you're going to have sex, like, ever, at this point. But, (depending on your sexual orientation) you might find yourself having sex with a penis sooner than you might think. It's best to be prepared! You'll need to use condoms too, obviously, but it will be nice if you have at least one form of contraception under control.

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