16 Ways To Easily Incorporate Bodysuits Into Your Wardrobe

I’m mature enough to admit when I’m wrong, so here it goes: I used to think bodysuits were awful. I had a scary teacher in sixth grade who wore them all the time, and in my sixth grade mind it was only natural to poke fun at her penchant for wearing the skin tight contraption with high waist jeans. I suppose bodysuits were guilty by association, and for years I wrote them off as ugly and dowdy, the thing that moms wear. Fast forward years and, bam, I’m happy to eat my words. Bodysuits rule and–in my opinion–are an absolute wardrobe staple.

If you’re turning your nose up at the very thought of wearing a bodysuit, listen up: You’re missing out. Bodysuits are not only super versatile and come in a ton of different styles these days, they’re also a great solution to a lazy day when you don’t really want to think about what to wear. If you’re ready to give bodysuits a go, or you just want suggestions on new ways to rock ’em, check out these sixteen ways to easily incorporate bodysuits into your wardrobe. You’ll fall in love, I promise.

1. Pair A Bodysuit With Your Favorite Jeans

Cotton Spandex Short Sleeve Scoop Back Bodysuit

Buy at American Apparel for $28.

This is my go-to bodysuit and it has served me well over the last few years. I don’t have to worry about tucking in my shirt or angst about any bulk that the tucking creates. I just throw on my bodysuit and slip on a pair of high waist jeans on top and voila! A smooth, seamless tucked in top look.


2. Cop A Turtleneck Bodysuit For Your Fall/Winter Wardrobe

Out From Under Ribbed Turtleneck Bodysuit

If you aren’t on the turtleneck train, get on it now. If you already are and don’t have one in bodysuit form yet, do yourself a favor and change that ASAP. Um, my life has only gotten better since copping a turtleneck bodysuit. It’s perfect for pairing with anything from jeans, to skirts, to trousers, and it always makes you look put together even if you literally took five minutes to get ready. Plus, it keeps you warm all over (yup, your bits, too). A must have.

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $39.


3. Rock A Bodysuit With Sporty Flavor For Casual Days.

unif step bodysuit

Bodysuits don’t usually have a reputation of being sporty, but you can absolutely find sporty style bodysuits a lot more easily these days. Pair with your favorite tapered sweatpants or track shorts for a look that says you’re ready to shoot some hoops and look cute AF too. There’s nothing wrong with finessing both.

Buy it at UNIF for $43.


4. Worn To Replace Your Thong.

2x2 Rib Scoop Back Bodysuit american apparel

If you absolutely hate underwear lines, don’t worry, you can find plenty of thong back bodysuits that will look absolutely perfect with super tight pants. You’ll only want to replace them as your underwear if you want to rock your tight pants with a fitted, sleek look on top–like the bodysuit above–however.

Buy it at American Apparel for $28.


5. Paired With A Mini Skirt

PrettyLittleThing Velvet Jacquard Body

What’s great about this combo is that you can easily dress it up or down depending on each piece. You can pair a pleated skirt with a simple cotton bodysuit for a casual look or pair an embellished bodysuit with a leather skirt for something a little more edgy.

Buy it at ASOS for $29.


6. Rock A Sleek All Black Everything Look Seamlessly

ASOS CURVE Body with V Neck Long Sleeves

You’ll almost look like you’re wearing a full body catsuit! Pair your favorite fitted black bodysuit with black bottoms–whether they’re skinny jeans, flares, or leggings–and voila! Pair with some accessories like a black hat, sunglasses, and black heeled boots for an even more powerful look that’ll make you look like an absolute badass.

Buy it at ASOS for $29.


7. Wear A Long Sleeve Mesh Bodysuit Underneath Your Favorite T-Shirts And Sleeveless Dresses

Sheer Mesh Bodysuit forever 21

Layer, layer, layer. Whether you’re going for a ’90s look or something a little goth adjacent, a mesh bodysuit will be a great addition to your wardrobe. This looks killer underneath a spaghetti strap/slip dress. It also looks cool paired with your favorite short sleeved band shirt on top.

Buy it at Forever 21 for $17.90.


8. Go For A Luxurious Look With A Velvet Bodysuit

Out From Under Jacey Velvet Flutter Bodysuit

This look is just so rich! If you’re looking for a fancy look to try out, pair a velvet bodysuit with nice trousers, flares, or skirts. You can even rock it underneath a sleeveless dress for a little added dimension and texture. For an even more OTT look (in the best way), pair with bottoms that are also velvet!

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $39.


9. Give A Boho Look A Whirl With A Bodysuit With Flowing Sleeves

Floral Print Bodysuit forever 21

Stores are getting creative with their bodysuits these days, which means your looks can get more creative too. If you want to go for a boho/hippie look, consider buying a bodysuit with flowing sleeves. Bonus points for a floral, paisley, or psychedelic print. Pair with a fitted or flared mini skirt or wide leg trousers.

Buy it at Forever 21 for $22.


10. Go Even More Retro By Pairing Your Bodysuit With Flares

Ribbed Mock Neck Bodysuit forever 21

Trying to figure out how to wear those cool wide leg flared trousers you bought a couple of months ago? Pair it with a bodysuit for an easy look that looks super put together and vintage. Rock with some killer boots and you’re set.

Buy it at Forever 21 for $19.90.


11. Forgo Your Typical T-Shirt For A Bodysuit That Looks Like One

ASOS WHITE Crew Neck T-Shirt Body With Removable Shoulder Pads

You might be wondering what the point of this is, but it’s a godsend to any of you who like wearing your shirts tucked into your pants but hate how bulky it can look over. This gets rid of the worry. This looks great with skirts of any length too!

Buy it at ASOS for $48.


12. Skip The Fancy Dress And Go For A Fancy Bodysuit Instead

Little Mistress Petite All Over Lace Top Body

love this. Bodysuits gone formal. A bodysuit like this looks amazing paired with a tulle skirt or any other formal bottoms. Consider this for your semi-formal or prom instead of the traditional dress route. You’ll have more control over your overall look and you don’t even have to worry about wearing undies.

Buy it at ASOS for $72.


13. Keep It Cozy With A Sweater-Style Bodysuit

Out From Under Varsity Sweater Bodysuit

This sweater-style bodysuit looks really cute with a denim or corduroy skirt; basically, any kind of cold-weather style skirt that can really hold up well against the knitted material of the bodysuit. It looks great with a pair of regular jeans as well!

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $34.


14. Go Sleek And Minimalist With A Dark Colorbock Bodysuit

ASOS WHITE Rayon Double Roll Neck Sporty Body

The dual color block and the sleek high neck style of this bodysuit is to die for TBH. Pair with your favorite ankle length trousers and loafers or mules for a look that screams sophisticated without looking stuffy.

Buy it at ASOS for $87.


15. Wear An Embroidered And Embellished Bodysuit For Those Days When You Want To Play Show Off

Out From Under Emilia Embroidered Bodysuit

Embroidery is back, so why not take advantage of the trend while you can in every form, including bodysuits. They’re usually a little more revealing than traditional bodysuits, but if that’s the look you’re going for, hey, more power to you! Pair with anything from jeans for a more casual look or a midi skirt for a look that’s a little more glamorous.

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $59.



16. Pair Your Favorite Bodysuit With Your Favorite Shorts

New Look Frill Bardot Bodysuit

Sure, you could go for a pair of everyday denim shorts, but you can also consider a look similar to the one above: An ultra feminine bodysuit with a pair of ultra feminine shorts to match. This is perfect for warmer weather months, so keep it in mind for your spring/summer style inspo.

Buy it at ASOS for $29.


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