18 Gorgeous DIY Holiday Gift Boxes You Should Get Started On Now

Like so many other people out there, I always start my holiday season off with good intentions. I plan to do a lot of fun holiday activities, figure out the perfect gifts to buy everyone on my list, and get crafty and make some DIY gifts for the most special people in my life. I glance through tutorials on Pinterest and imagine presenting my creative, beautiful, homemade gifts to my family members, who thank me as they wonder how I had time to put together something so awesome (listen, my daydreams get elaborate). And then the holiday season starts, time flies by, and I find myself at the mall a few days before Christmas, frantically searching for something to buy everyone I know.

This is exactly why planning ahead is important, for all gifts, but especially for gifts you’re going to make. Crafting takes more time than you would think, and requires some shopping and a lot of effort. Unfortunately, it also usually requires the time it takes you to pick something overly ambitious, and then realize you actually aren’t quite artistic enough to do it, so you have to pick something else. If you want to make a gift for someone but you don’t feel like you’re artsy enough to do a complicated craft, you should try gift boxes/baskets. And you definitely need some time to put those together, so you better start now!

A gift box is a really cute idea, and it allows you to get super personal. It’s a fun way to put together a bunch of little items rather than spending a lot on just one thing. Your best bet is opting for some sort of theme, rather than just throwing random products into a box. There are so many things you can do! Need some inspiration? Here are some gorgeous DIY gift boxes you should start on now – there’s something that will fit everyone in your life:

1. A *Girly* Basket 



Looking for the perfect gift for your best friend, your mom, your sister, your aunt, etc.? Try something like this. This box pictured is actually a bridesmaid box, but it works for anyone. This one includes a few beauty products, a notebook, a photo frame, a cute pouch, a mini bottle of champagne, and a succulent plant in a terrarium. Anyone would love little stuff like this, and put together in a box with some pretty flowers makes it look so great.


2. A Cozy Winter Box



Give anyone in your life the gift of coziness this holiday season. Some gourmet hot chocolate mix, special marshmallows, and mugs make a really cute set. Add some super fuzzy socks or a blanket, and you’ve got a unique idea.


3. A Relaxing Zen Gift Box



Know someone who needs to seriously de-stress this holiday season? Make them this little box. This one includes chocolate, champagne, a candle, bath salts, and very pretty soap. The trick to making this box look so pretty is to pick items that are all the same color – in this case, millennial pink.


4. A *Manly* Gift For The Dude In Your Life



No idea what to get your boyfriend or dad or brother or guy friend? A box like this is definitely not a bad idea. This one includes shaving products, a cool cocktail kit, some other grooming accessories, candy, and a ~manly~ candle. Again, it’s just a bunch of little inexpensive things that look special when packaged together.


5. A Shower Kit



I love this idea because it’s full of stuff that absolutely anyone could use, and the way it’s packaged is what makes it such a great gift. The biggest basket includes a robe, shampoo and conditioner, bath salts, and some sponges. The other baskets include cleansers, body oil, lotions, and soaps. Put everything in one basket or make more than one. It’s so cute!


6. Cozy Slipper “Basket”



If you don’t like the idea of a basket or box filled with items, just stuff some things into something the person will use – big cozy slippers. These include some beauty products, chocolate, and a little gift card. The ribbon ties everything together and makes it look amazing.


7. A Book Lover’s Basket



Gifting someone who loves to read? Grab a basket or tin, and fill it with everything a book lover could want: books, of course, plus a cozy blanket, some chocolates, a mug, and some coffee. I also think the addition of the neck pillow is adorable and unique.


8. College Student Study Box



Okay, so this is actually a study box care package, but I think it makes a really cute gift idea for a college student to bring back to their dorm – or even a high school student. It includes candy, a mask for some self care, a candle to study with, a cute mug for coffee, and some fun school supplies.


9. A Pretty Kitchen Basket



This gift basket is great for your mom, grandma, your friend who lives on their own – it’s basically a bunch of kitchen stuff. This one is lined with a table runner, which is a great idea. It includes things like a cutting board, cheese plate, wooden spoons, knives, little dishes, and a wine opener. You can go for a theme – this one is a lot of stuff that’s perfect for cheese and appetizers – or just include a bunch of stuff in the same color – like this one, which focused on gold, white, and wood.


10. A Makeup Lovers Basket



If you’re gifting someone who’s a total makeup fanatic, something like this box is a great idea. This one is definitely pricey – all of that makeup adds up! – but you have options. You can use more inexpensive products, or you could throw in one or two pricier things, and then some cheaper items, like makeup brushes, a mirror, maybe a makeup holder. There are lots of ways to do it!


11. A Date Night Box



Looking for the perfect gift for your significant other or even your bestie? This date night box is basically a gift for you too. There’s candy, popcorn, drinks, and some DVDs. You could also throw in movie theater gift cards if you wanted to add something else.


12. A Sports Gift Bag



If you’re dating someone who’s all about sports, make them this clever bag. Fill a gym bag with candy, Gatorades, some workout clothes, maybe even a pair of sneakers. It’s all stuff they’ll use and love!


13. Breakfast In Bed Basket



This basket makes for the perfect excuse to have breakfast in bed – and even if they’re not going to use it for that specific purpose, all of the stuff is super useful. This one includes coffee, decorative napkins, pancake mix, a candle, pastries, and maple syrup. The sprigs of cranberry make it look so cute! You could also add a blanket or slippers or some pretty holiday plates if you wanted.


14. At-Home Manicure Basket



This is such a cute gift for anyone who loves to do their nails! Fill a basket with some pretty nail polish and everything you need for an at-home manicure: nail polish remover, nail tools, lotions, cleansers, maybe some nail stickers.


15. Hot Cocoa Basket



If you have someone on your list and you literally have no idea what to get them, a gift basket like this one is a safe bet. Almost everyone loves hot chocolate! This basket is full of gourmet hot chocolate, marshmallows, candy canes, a mug, some to-go coffee cups (cute touch!), stirrers, and some other little hot cocoa items. It’s really cute, can be pretty inexpensive, and is so versatile.


16. Bubble Bath Box



Make a few random small items look like the perfect present by putting them all together: chocolate, champagne, a candle, pretty matches, and beautiful bath salts (which you could make yourself i you wanted!). I love the eucalyptus, which is great for steaming in a bath.


17. Take It Easy Gift Basket



This is another basket that is good for anyone, even if you have to get something for someone you don’t know very well. Grab a cute storage basket that can be reused, and fill it with a cozy blanket and slippers, a mug, and storage tote. You can add whatever else you want! It’s just a bunch of cozy items that will encourage the person to relax.


18. Wine and Cheese Basket



This is an awesome gift idea for your mom, dad, or someone’s parents – I don’t know! It’s great. Get someone to buy a bottle of wine for you, then add a bunch of little stuff to go with it: cheese, fruits, candies, maybe some accessories. Add a little table cloth or pretty napkins, and throw in some holiday plants as pretty accents.


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