8 Common Pieces Of Vagina Advice You Should Never Listen To

Okay, I’m going to be honest: there are a lot of bad things that come with having a vagina. Just to name a few, there are periods, discharge, growing hair down there… you get it. The worst thing about having a vagina, though, is that people are always trying to tell you what to do with it. Most of the time, it’s people on the internet, telling you to put things in your vagina, or try some obscure procedure that will change it forever in the best way possible. And most of the time, they are all BS, not to mention very annoying.

Even though your vagina can be smelly and ~wet~, it is generally very good at taking care of itself. Bodies are pretty cool, and sometimes, messing with them can be really bad. I know you might want to “clean” or “tighten” it, but, I promise, you don’t have to. There are a ton of websites that claim to have the ultimate vagina secret, but most of them are wrong. If you really want to know more about your vagina, don’t try these common pieces of advice, go to the gyno instead.

Putting Yogurt In Your Vagina

Well, this is a thing that people have been doing, I guess. But, it's a really bad idea. Putting yogurt in your vagina is a bad idea, even if the internet tells you to do it to treat a yeast infection. Do NOT do it! It can mess with the natural bacteria in your vagina, and even make your infection worse.

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Putting Vicks In Your Vagina

This sounds...painful and just like an all around bad idea. But, for some reason, people have been doing it. People on message boards have been suggesting it to sooth vaginal itch, which is a very bad idea. Putting Vicks products down there can really increase your risk of infection. If you're itchy down there, go to the gyno, do not take advice from strangers online!

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Using Vaginal Tightening Pills

Ugh. Guys, your vagina knows how to take care of itself. You don't need to use special pills or objects to tighten your vagina, it's not safe. Girls always want to "tighten" their vaginas in order to have better sex, but that's totally false. Vaginas are supposed to be stretchy and wet during sex, or else it will just be uncomfortable. Don't mess with your vagina, please!

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I know we mention this a lot, but please don't try douching, okay? It's terrible for your vagina, and gynecologists are very against it. The worst part is that you can buy douching products just about anywhere, which might make you tempted to try it. Please- don't! Cleaning your vagina with harsh products can really mess with your vaginas natural pH balance, and put you at risk for infection. Vaginas are pretty good at doing their own cleaning thing!

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Using Vaginal Oils

For some reason, a really popular trend on Etsy is DIY vaginal cleaning oils. Though they might seem super promising and revolutionary, they are actually really bad for your vagina. Anything that promises to "cure" your vaginal discharge or smell is a lie, and can actually cause a lot of harm. Don't fall for these popular trends.

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Using DIY Sex Toys

Okay, sex toys = good. DIY sex toys = not so much. By DIY, I mean using things like fruit or objects from your home to get it on with yourself. They can bring a lot of unwanted and dangerous bacteria into your vagina, and you do NOT want any of that going on down there. It's okay to invest in a real sex toy. You might feel embarrassed, but they are a lot safer than anything else.

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Using Chocolate/Sugar During Sex

Really, using anything sugary down there is not a good call. Some people like to play around with foods when you're having sex, or even flavored lubes. These aren't a good idea. Too much sugar can put you at risk of infection down there, and you totally don't want that. Stick to a plain, water based lube, and skip the ~sexy~ body chocolate.

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Steaming It

I know that you have probably heard the term "steam your vagina" a lot over the past few years, but it's really not something that you should participate in. It became popular when Gwenyth Paltrow suggested it, but a lot of gynos are saying it's something you should stay away from. As I mentioned before, your vagina is actually pretty smart and can take care of itself, and if you mess with it, it can cause major problems.

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