7 Common Sex Positions Guys Actually Hate

If you’re trying to have sex with a dude, odds are good he will be super excited no matter what position you decide to try. I mean, sex is super fun and feels good, which is all that matters, TBH. But, if you have been getting it on with a guy for quite a while, and you noticed that he hasn’t been super ~into~ it, you might want to rethink your sex position. Believe it or not, there are some sex positions that guys aren’t super into. And you might not realize it.

Again, guys will probably love most positions, but there are some that they would prefer over others. Of course, every guy is different, and certain guys like certain positions, while other guys prefer other ones. So, it really depends on what your guys likes. Not only that, but you have to be sure that YOU are comfortable trying some sex positions. To be safe, be sure to check out these sex positions that guys aren’t super into, and talk to your partner to make sure you’re both comfortable when having sex!

Standing Up

Standing up sex can be super complicated, and it also can be hard to balance and hold up your partner. If your guy is the one who is helping to hold you up, their arms will get really tired and that won't be very fun.


Reverse Cowgirl

Most guys love reverse cowgirl, but it can also be a little hard on them. No pun intended. Having sex in reverse cowgirl makes you a lot more likely to injure your partners penis, which is...bad. If you want to do it, just go slow!


Girl On Top

Again, as long as you're safe, this position is fine! Most guys love girl on top positions. But you have to sure not to go too fast, or you can injure your partner. Just take it slow and use lube!


Anything On The Table

Table sex is low-key pretty dangerous. I know you might think it's fun and spontaneous, but it can also be a little risky, which might turn your guy off. It's best to stick to the bed!


Floor Sex

Rug burn is real! And if you're doing it on a carpeted floor, you and your partner could get a bad rug burn which is really not fun. Stick to somewhere that isn't so dangerous.



Okay, spooning sex can be fun if it's done right. But it's also a pretty complicated angle, which can get you and your partner frustrated if you can't get it right. You might want to start out in a different position, then transition to spooning.


Anything Complicated

Honestly, sex is supposed to be fun. If you start trying really hard and complicated positions, it will be more frustrating than fun. Communicate with your partner so that you both know what you want, and have fun! Don't try anything too wild.


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