12 Things You Must Do Immediately If You Have Stretch Marks

If you are a human person who lives in a body, chances are good that, on some part of this body, you have a stretch mark. Or two. Or three. Or, potentially, too many to count. And, along with these stretch marks, you probably carry some sense of shame or even disgust. After all, most people are taught to think that bodies (particularly female ones) are supposed to be taut, toned, and totally free of things like stretch marks and cellulite.

Back in July, we wrote about Cinta Tort Cartró, an artist from Spain who has become known for her photographs of women with stretch marks painted over–and, thus, accentuated–with bright, rainbow-colored paint. Now, another artist, Sara Shakeel, is making headlines for her stretch mark-based art, in which she adds glitter to photos of women with stretch marks. This the goal of this art, Shakeel told Cosmo, is to “bring cellulite, stretch marks, and body empowerment into the limelight.”

Obviously, it’s going to be a long time before stretch mark stigma is totally eradicated, but art like Cartró’s and Shakeel’s serve as signs that this stigma could (and should) change eventually. After all, stretch marks are really just proof that you are, in fact, a human person who lives in a body that, on at least one occasion, has grown or changed in some way. And that is probably something that should be celebrated! So, check out these art-inspired things you should do immediately–you know, if you want–in order to accentuate your stretch marks:

1. Color them in with silver glitter:

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2. Or gold glitter:

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3. Or blue glitter!

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4. Basically, if there’s glitter available, you should try to use it:

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5. Like this:


6. And this:


7. And this!

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8. You don’t have to be glitter-exclusive, however:


9. Or on your legs and belly–after all, stretch marks can be everywhere:


10. All options are cool:


11. All bodies are valid:


12. And anything that works for you also works for us!

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