7 Surefire Signs That Someone Is Flirting With You Online

If you are anything like me, when someone is flirting with you, it is nearly impossible for you to tell. Like, you are aware that there is a distinction, technically, between someone having a regular one-on-one conversation with you, and someone who is genuinely flirting with you. But how is one to tell the difference? And at what cost?

And, of course, all of this is assuming that the flirting (or not-flirting, depending on which end of the bargain you’ve received) is happening IRL. If it is not happening in real life, and is occurring, say, online, or via text message, this already-murky line grows even murkier. It can feel impossible to decipher! But, thankfully, it isn’t actually impossible—so, check out some signs that someone is flirting with you online: 


They Make An Effort To Follow You On Multiple Social Platforms

Maybe you started off being connected on, say, Instagram. A few weeks later, they follow you on Twitter, and a few weeks after that, they request you on Facebook. This is pretty simple, but it's an easy way for someone to show that they're interested in you and want to solidify your relationship a little more.

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They Like Your Stuff

I mean, duh. This is the biggest hint. They like your photos, like your tweets, like your statuses, they like...whatever you have on whatever channel of social media they might follow you on. Of course, some liking is just friendly, and some people just like a lot of things, so you can't read too much into this. Still, if your crush likes your content, and they do so consistently, this is a pretty good sign.

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They Might Leave A Comment

A way for someone to make their "like" have a bit more impact is by leaving a comment, too. The actual content of the comments they leave might not actually be that flirty--not everyone can leave, like, heart eyes and eggplant emojis on everything--but if they're consistently commenting on stuff, that's a pretty good sign that they're trying to flirt with you.

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They Text First

Maybe your relationship has progressed to a level at which you've exchanged phone numbers and have started texting. If so, pay attention to who's starting the conversation--if they're the ones doing it, that's a pretty obvious sign that they like you. Of course, you shouldn't always wait for someone to text you first. If you do this, they could assume that you don't like them and move on to someone else.

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They Make It Clear They Want To Have A Conversation

When they text or DM you, they don't just send an emoji or a one-word response--they send questions, sometimes with actual question marks attached. (And not just questions like "what are you wearing?"and "what would you be doing if I was there right now?") This, as with actual IRL texting, is a sign that they're interested in you as a person and would like to get to know you better.

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Having An Online Relationship Becomes A Habit

I don't mean, like, a relationship relationship here--what I mean is that you both get in the habit of texting, DMing, and liking each other's stuff on a regular basis so that, eventually, interacting with them online becomes a part of your day. This can be a good way to lay the foundations of a relationship, but it can definitely be  frustrating if you're carving out what feels like a legitimate, whole relationship in one part of your life with nothing in another part of your life. So, just be careful as to how long this goes on--if this type of flirting goes on for too long, you might find that any IRL relationship you might have had flames out before it even gets started.

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They Make An Effort To Take It IRL

The surest sign that someone is flirting with you online? They don't actually keep it online for too long! Unless there's a lot of distance between you two, they should make an effort to do something in real life at some point. If you feel like they're taking too long, you can ask them yourself--it's possible that they've been waiting for you to do it. Either way, try not to wait too long.

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