8 Little Things You Can Do To Make A Kiss More Passionate Without A Ton Of Tongue

Hot take: You don’t need tongue to make a kiss sexy. I mean, it can certainly help, especially if you’re really into the person who the tongue is attached to. But contrary to popular belief, tongue isn’t everything. In fact, tongue can often be more trouble than it’s worth. Mediocre–or worse, straight up bad–tongue technique can absolutely ruin a kiss. I learned that the hard way, which is why I’m here today to let you know the score.

Okay, think of kissing as akin to, say, a cupcake. A cupcake can have beautiful, towering icing, but if it’s covering up dry, tasteless cake, it’s a disappointment. Someone can have the most kissable, pillowy soft lips, but have a slimy tongue that has absolutely zero game. I say, go for tongue if you want, but there are other ways to have a kiss that’ll make your toes curl. Check out these eight ways to make a kiss passionate without a ton of tongue. Take notes and thank me later.

Light Biting

Whether you're a little kinky or super vanilla, there's a place for a little light biting in a make out session for everyone. You don't have to draw blood (er, unless you and your partner are into that); in fact, you don't even have to bite all that hard at all. I'm talking about more of a quick nibble or tug of your partner's bottom lip interspersed between kisses. It's playful, flirty, and will show your partner that you're really into them.

But I'm A Cheerleader

Running A Hand Through Their Hair

Look, this feels good for literally everyone on the planet and literally everyone will enjoy it...unless you're with someone who is super picky about messing up their hair, which...well, I've been there, so it's fair enough. Still, it's worth a shot. If you're with someone who doesn't have hair that you can easily run your fingers through (sup, my fellow curly haired friends?), then just resort to caressing their head or even giving them a light massage up there during your make out session.


Getting A Firm Grip Of Your Partner's Waist

You know what makes you way more tingly than someone's tongue down your throat? Someone taking a hold of your waist or hips and pulling you closer. Seriously, not only is it kind of hot, it's also a bit of a power move that you might want to explore. It screams "I want you" in a way that your partner will really find a) hot and b) flattering. Who doesn't want to feel hot and flattered when they're making out?

Freaks And Geeks

Slowly Kissing Everywhere But The Lips

This is a great little cool down move after a hookup. It's sweet and tender and will makes you and your partner feel all cute and gooey. I'm not talking little pecks of kisses either, I'm talking slow, purposeful kisses along the temple, nose, chin, neck...if you want to kiss in more private places, be my guest, but this can be effective without getting X rated.


Putting Your Hand Along Their Neck

No, I'm not talking about choking (but, again, if you're into that then you do you). What's great about this move is that you can make a kiss super sweet and tender. If you're thinking "ugh, boring!" then consider this: A kiss doesn't have to be hard and rough to be sexy; a kiss can be soft and slow and draw out a more sensual reaction. Throw in a gentle caress of the neck into the mix with a molten make out session and voila, your partner will be shook...in a good way.

Faking It

Leaving Very Breathy Kisses

There's something a little intoxicating about the feeling of someone's hot breath against your skin. In between more traditional kisses, exhale against your partner's skin; it's especially alluring if you do it along their ear, but doing it along the neck and cheek are also worth trying. Better yet, make the breathy bits a prelude to a kiss in the same spot, so your partner is heavily anticipating every peck. Oh, just make sure your breath smells alright before venturing into this territory. It's a lot less sexy if your breath smells like Hot Cheetos.

Blue Is The Warmest Color

Doing A Bunch Of Short Kisses Without Stopping For At Least 30 Seconds

If you want something a little fast and frenzied that'll really heat things up, try this: Enjoy several short kisses in quick secession for at least thirty seconds. It doesn't seem like a long time, but it is. The non-stop element of it will make the kissing a lot more passionate and will make you feel all tingly in a flash. Just make sure you're not doing little pecks as kisses. I'm talking real kisses.


Kissing Against A Hard, Upright Surface

There's nothing wrong with wanting to feel like you're at the (consensual) mercy of your partner. Like the waist grab, this is a bit of a power move that will turn both you and your partner on. Don't get caught up in gender norms or anything like that when it comes to this move; if you're a girl in a straight relationship, you don't have to be the one who is pressed against a wall and ravished with wild abandon, okay? Your partner can have their back to the wall and you can take control; your bae will probably think it's pretty hot.

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