8 Embarrassing Questions Everyone Has About Growing Boobs, Answered

If we’re not wondering about the state of things down there, we’re probably wondering about our boobs. They might be two of many, many body parts, but they seem to be the ones that give us the most concern and sometimes leave us scratching our heads.

When it comes to boobs, we have a lot of questions about them from whether we’re wearing the right size bra to whether we can do exercises to increase the size of our tatas. Let’s bring it back to where all the boob questions start: That’s when breasts actually start growing during puberty. You might have had some questions about your chest and nipples before, but you probably have a lot more now that you’re developing. Don’t sweat, because so does everyone else. And you know what? None of the questions are too weird, embarrassing, or freaky to ask.

Curious? Take a look at common questions everyone has about growing boobs, and their answers.

Can I Get My Boobs To Grow Faster Or Slower?

If you're Googling ways to speed up or slow down your boob growing process, I humbly suggest you stop now. You might come across some massage techniques, questionable contraptions, and even pills. No matter what you find, take the claims with a grain of salt. Remember, breast development is normal no matter how fast or slow your chest is developing. You shouldn't feel ashamed or feel like you need to change the development of your body. Your body knows what it's doing.

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Is It Normal To Have Lumps Under My Nipples?

When we think of lumps in breasts, most of us automatically think of breast cancer. I don't want you to get ahead of yourself because you might feel *lumps* under your nipples when you're developing. The technical terms of those are breast buds and they become part of breast development. Don't be afraid to feel your chest and familiarize yourself with it. That way you'll be able to identify something that feels different, you can pick up on it right away, and hopefully get it checked out.

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Is There Something Wrong With Me If My Boobs Are Different?

A lot of us have this idea that our boobs are supposed to be identical twins, but they're actually more like sisters. In other words, they are probably similar, but it's natural to have differences in size and shape. Sometimes the differences can be more significant. i.e. Breasts can even be a cup size different.

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Is It Bad If I Have Inverted Nipples?

There are actually a lot of different types of nipples, just like there are different types of breasts. Inverted nipples are one of the normal types of nipples. If you have inverted nipples, they might change when you're developing breasts, but they might not. Yes, women with inverted nipples can still breastfeed.

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Is It Bad That My Nipples Get Itchy?

You might experience an all-over tingly feeling when your boobs are growing, but you might find that the area around your nipples is especially sensitive. You might even describe the feeling as itchy. And you might even notice that you have redness around your nipples or on your chest. You can also thank hormones for all that. Just be aware that if your chest is itchy and it feels inflamed or you have a fever, this could be a sign of an infection. In that case, you should go see your doc ASAP.

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Do Boobs Hurt When They Started Growing?

Don't panic because developing breasts shouldn't be too painful. You might experience some sensitivity or a bit of pain, but it shouldn't be so bad that you get short of breath and have to stop what you're doing. If that's the case, you should go see your doc. The reason that boobs sometimes get tender when they grow is thanks to the hormones which can change the amount of fluid in breasts.

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Is It Normal To Have Hair Sprouting On My Boobs?

If you're going through puberty, you might notice hair starting to appear on different parts of your bodies. You might expect hair down there and on your armpits, but not necessarily your breasts. If you see hairs growing, don't sweat. It's very common for people to have hair surrounding their nipples. It can range from thin and fine to thick and wiry.

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When Should I Start Wearing A Bra?

Deciding to wear a bra is a personal decision. It's up to you whether you will want to wear one in the first place. Some people prefer to go without, others prefer to wear a triangle top, and some prefer a push-up bra. When you're figuring out when and if to wear a bra, consider whether you're experiencing back pain or whether you find you have enough support in gym class or when you're out running around with your friends.

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What other questions do you have about boobs? Let us know in the comments!

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