8 Ridiculous Things Girls Are Always Expected To Do

Identifying as a girl is, obviously, a lot. We have so much to deal with. Some of us have boobs, a lot of us get periods, and most of us spend lots of time avoiding stupid dudes who try and catcall us on the streets. It can be hard to handle, especially when guys are let off the hook on a lot of things. Of course, being a guy can suck when it comes to certain things, but in other ways, women have a major disadvantage.

We all know that there are double standards when it comes to men and women. What you may not realize is how many you experience in your day to day life. A recent Reddit thread pointed out the biggest double standards between men and women and, honestly, it can really suck to be a female-identifying person. I’m sure you know most of these, but in case you want to be angry for a little bit and realize how much crap girls really go through, here are some of the most annoying double standards that girls can experience.

Care For Kids

I'm sure you don't have kids at this point in your life, but at some point you might. And, for some reason, women are supposed to be the only ones to care for children. Seb_veteran-sleeper said, "Apparently women should be able to effortlessly care for children or else they are a disgrace."

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Be A Virgin Forever

Unfortunately, guys get to do what they want with their bodies and rarely have any consequences. As  xFghxDF said, "I went to a catholic high school. Girls who got pregnant we asked to leave because 'it was against or catholic belief to have sex before marriage but the fathers of the children were not asked to leave."

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Wear Impractical Clothes

Girls clothing...sort of sucks. As Nickipps said, "Women's pants have useless pockets but they tend carry around more stuff." Yes, I don't know why, but girl's clothes rarely have pockets, but we always have stuff to carry around! What's with that?!

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Do Things To "Get A Husband"

I'm sorry, but this is messed up. As isthischick4real said, "guys often ask if i'm just in college to find a husband. Nobody would ever ask a guy if he went to college to find a wife." Not everything a girl does is to find a BF or husband! We have our own reasons for doing things.

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Hide Their Nipples

Punkcherri said, "As a woman, why do my nipples have to stay a deep, dark secret but men can walk around shirtless all day? Why are boobs so offensive?" Everybody has nipples, but girl nipples are offensive for really no reason. SMH.

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Be Hairless

Body hair is always acceptable on men, but never on women. Kremolias_ said, "Women can't have leg hair but men can." Just let women do what they want with their bodies, please!

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Be Quiet

Female bosses are always seen as being bitchy, which totally sucks. As Ballerinawotwo said, "Having a strong opinion and willing to state it... a man is showing leadership, a women is a bitch."

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Not Watch Porn

LISTEN, girls watch porn! It's okay to admit it! But for some reason, people are so much cooler with the idea that only men watch porn. Justcreepyenough said, "women are judged more for watching porn than men." Yep, women are judged for mostly anything sexual, TBH.

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