10 Ways To Tell If You’re Going Through Puberty

I like to think that life would be so much easier if everything was clearer. Just think about it for a second. Imagine if your teacher would spell out what was going to be on your history test, rather than giving some ambiguous hints. And imagine if your crush was straight up with you about whether he/she liked you or not. Another area it would be helpful is in terms of our bodies and the start of puberty.

If you’re debating about going through puberty, you can probably relate to this. Maybe you noticed some small things to your body, but brushed them off as being related to something else. Or, maybe you woke up one day and suddenly wondered what happened to your old body. And you might be confused whether this is puberty, or not. Instead of going back and forth in your head, I’ve rounded up 10 easy ways to tell if you’re going through puberty. The more you can check off, the further along you likely are. Just remember that body changes are a natural part of puberty and there’s nothing to embarrassed. Everybody goes through them—they just might happen earlier or later.

You're Starting To Sweat More

After gym class, do you find that you stink a bit like your smelly brother? Or, at the end of the day, have you ever taken off your T-shirt and thought that it stunk more than normal? You might be thinking about starting to wear antiperspirant or deodorant, but you should also recognize that sweating more is a sign of puberty.

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You're Getting Taller

They love to talk about those big growth spurts people go through as teenagers. TBH, you might not shoot up six inches the way some of the boys in your class seem to. You might grow a couple inches or you might realize that your junior jeans seem too short now. If your parents have kept a height chart of you, it will be easier to see whether there have been any big changes in your growth.

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Your Body Is Changing Shape

Don't just think about body changes in terms of height. You should also think about other areas. Do your hands and feet seem bigger? Are you constantly growing out of shoes? Or, do you feel like your hips, bum, and thighs look different? It's not necessarily weight gain, it's that the proportions of your body are changing thanks to puberty.

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Your Skin Is Breaking Out

With puberty comes hormones, and hormones can do some crazy things. That includes making your skin breakout. If your once-clear complexion has been taken over by zits or blackheads, it's likely a sign of puberty. I know that pimples are super annoying and you probably feel awkward about having them, but remember that so many people have them, including those who aren't even going through puberty.

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You Notice Discharge In Your Underwear

Have you looked in your underwear recently and noticed something was there? Was it whitish or clear? It might have looked slimy, tacky, stringy, or stretchy. If this sounds familiar, congratulations, that's vaginal discharge and a sign of puberty. Don't stress that something is wrong with you. It's actually a sign your vagina is healthy because it shows it's cleaning itself.

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...Or You've Found Blood Down There

You're probably familiar that getting your period is the ~*big*~ sign that you're well on your way to becoming a woman. Some people get a multi-day period the first time they have one, but others experience what is called spotting a few months before. If you see some drops of blood in your underwear, don't freak out. It doesn't necessarily mean that you cut your vagina or that you're dying. It could be a lead up to the full period.

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You're Getting Hair Down There

This is another big sign of puberty. If you notice hairs starting to develop on your vulva or anywhere down there, know that you're in puberty mode. And I want you to know that there's nothing to be ashamed about. You don't have to start shaving down there. Pubic hair is completely natural and it's not something that's dirty or has to be removed.

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...And On Other Areas Of Your Body

Have a look at your bod and see if there is hair growing on spots that it wasn't before. The key areas to look besides down there are your butt and armpits. You might also find that there is more hair growing in places where there was only a bit before, like your legs and arms. You might also notice hair on your upper lip, lower back, or even your bellybutton area.

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Your Boobs Are Developing

You don't magically wake up with C cup boobs. And that's assuming you even reach a C cup. Breast development is a gradual process which usually starts with changes to the nipple and breast buds. If you gently feel around your chest, you could feel your breasts starting to come in. If you find that your undershirt isn't cutting it in the way of support, that's another key sign.

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You're Feeling Some New Things

Have you suddenly noticed just how hot the guy you sit next to in class is? Or, do you find yourself looking at Harry Styles in a different way? What's more, you might feel a little tingly down there or you might even have the urge to touch yourself. Don't worry, this is all normal. Changes in feelings and emotions are actually part of puberty as much as body changes.

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What age did you think you were going through puberty? Let us know in the comments!

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