10 Cold Weather Clothing Items That Are Worth Spending A Lot Of Money On

If you live in a place where the temperatures drop in the winter, then you know that the cold weather demands it’s own set of fashion rules. Layering becomes a stylish art. Picking the right shoes becomes something of a game. You have to know how to look cute whether you’re wearing your jacket or taking it off, and that can quickly become expensive. Why? Cold weather clothing and accessories are not cheap! I’d like to say it’s because these items are made with more material and fabric that is sturdier than, say, a light tank top, but… I know it’s more than likely because businesses mark up these items knowing we have no choice but to purchase them. Consumerism! It’s fun.

Anyway, rainy, snowy, freezing weather can be hard on your clothes, and you’ll probably find that this year, like other years, you need to stock up on some stuff. There are lots of cold weather essentials out there, and it can be hard to figure out what’s actually worth the extra money, and which items you should cheap out on. For example: you should never spend more than $50 on a scarf. You can buy a perfectly cute, warm scarf from Forever 21 for, like, $10 and be good. And sweaters? Same thing. Unless you’re living in Antarctica, you don’t need super expensive sweaters every single day.

That said, there are some cool weather clothing that will be better off if you splurge on them. The right expensive items (that are pricier because of what they’re made of, not because of their label) will last longer and keep you warmer – two things you want in a pricey item. Curious? Check out these cold weather clothing items that are worth the extra money:

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