8 Important Signs You Should Dump Your Boyfriend

Breaking up is hard to do, of course. I’ve been through a few breakups in my life, and they are bad! But, a lot of the time, they are necessary, even if it sucks. You actually might not realize that you need to break up with your boyfriend, which is pretty tricky. So many people often get so caught up with the idea of a relationship, that they will do anything to stay in it, even if their boyfriend is sort of a jerk. Well, luckily for you, I love to call people jerks! So I will help you out.

I know that it sucks to break up with someone, but if they do bad things, it’s really in your best interest to cut ties. You might not realize how much better your life is without someone, until you actually stop seeing them. Imagining life without them is hard, but if they do any of these things, you should really consider breaking up. You are powerful AF and deserve to be treated well! If you don’t know if you should stay in your relationship, check out these eight signs that you should dump your boyfriend.

He Tells You How To Look

This is a huge red flag. If your BF is telling you what to wear or how to look, you need to get out. Especially if they are telling you to loose weight or do your hair a different way. Your body is YOUR body, and nobody can control you. If they don't like the way you look and want to change you, you should dump him. You're better off!

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He Is Straight Up Rude

So, I recently read a story about how this one woman broke up with her BF because he told her her vagina smelled. Newsflash to any dude: vaginas smell. That's sort of their thing. Sure, if it smells a little too fishy, it could be an infection. But, most of the time, your vagina will smell and it will be normal. If your BF complains about something that's out of your control, like your vaginal odor, then that is rude AF and you need to dump him!

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He Is Very Aggressive

Aggressiveness if a scary trait. It can start out as something small, like your boyfriend slamming a car door, but that an escalate, and that can be scary. I don't want to frighten you, but certain aggressive behaviors can turn violent and abusive, and you'll want to be sure to get out before that happens.

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He Cheated

Girl, if he cheated, it means he doesn't respect you or your relationship. You deserve someone who will treat your right! Someone who is cheating on you will mess with your head too much. Dump him!

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He Doesn't Seem Interested In Your Life

Your BF should have some sort of interest in your life and what's going on. If they never ask about your life- but you always ask about theirs- they might not have an interest in what's going on with you. Maybe they are just not talkative, or maybe they just don't care. Whatever the reason, you might be better off with someone who actually cares about what's going on in your life.

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He Flirts With Other People In Front Of You

Talking to a girl is one thing- flirting with a girl in front of you is rude and disgusting. If your BF constantly flirts with other girls, especially when you are around, you need to dump him ASAP.

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He Gaslights You

Gaslighting is hard because you don't always realize it's happening to you. Gaslighting is when your guy does something crappy, like flirt with a girl in front of you, and then insists it's all in your head. This is where the relationship can get manipulative, and that's when it's time to break up.

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You Want To Be Single

Listen, there is no shame in wanting to be single, especially if you're been with someone for a while. If you need a break, it's okay. Sometimes, you need to be alone in order to really ~find~ yourself. It sounds silly, but I'm serious! Explain to your BF that you need time to yourself, and hopefully they will understand.

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