16 Creative Gifts Every Fan Of Stranger Things Will Love

If you are anything like me, you spent this past weekend, Halloween weekend, doing something very cool. It wasn’t having a blast at a Halloween party or winning a costume contest. It wasn’t even enjoying the beautiful October weather to do fun fall activities like pumpkin picking or a haunted hayride. No, you weren’t being social or anything like that. You were inside, binge watching Stranger Things. Am I right? This wasn’t only me, right? RIGHT?!

Anyway. Even if you didn’t binge watch the entire second season of the show in one weekend (I will admit I did not finish it either), chances are good that you’re a fan of Netflix’s arguably biggest show. It’s hard not to be. The cast is full of adorable little nerds you can’t help but love, the plot is interesting and unique, and the cutesy ’80s style of everything makes you weirdly nostalgic. It’s also scary and spooky and funny and so good. And that is why you, as a fan of Stranger Things, would be totally obsessed with the below merch. You can ask for these items as gifts this holiday season (it’s coming up!) or you can buy them for your friends to score major cool points. Up to you! Either way, you’ll love this stuff so much you’ll consider buying it all. Here are some creative gifts every Stranger Things fan will love:

1. Weird Girl Bomber Jacket


Killstar Weird Girl Bomber Jacket, $84, Dolls Kill

Okay, is this or this not the coolest bomber jacket ever? It is! And sure, it’s the Stranger Things font and looks like their logo, but it also doesn’t scream, “LOOK AT ME STRANGER THINGS IS MY EVERYTHING!!!” if you know what I mean. It’s cool and an actually useful gift.


2. Stranger Things Ouija Board


Ouija Board Stranger Things, $19.99, Target

Ouija boards are creepy. Stranger Things is creepy. This is a fun and creative gift idea that also doesn’t cost a lot. What else is there to say?


3. Jim Hopper Mug


Jim Hopper Mug, $20, Etsy

Are you a Jim Hopper fan? Me too. I love him. it’s fine. Anyway, this is a pretty classic Jim Hopper quote that is also very accurate. This cute mug will make any morning better.


4. Barb Tote Bag


We Are All Barb Tote, $19, Etsy

If you love Barb but you’re getting a little tired of seeing all of the “justice for Barb” merchandise out there, this is for you. It’s a cute Barb item that isn’t the same as everything else. Tote bags are also great for so many different things, and so they make a versatile gift.


5. Stranger Fillings: A Parody Cookbook


Stranger Fillings: A Parody Cookbook by The Muffin Brothers, $20, Urban Outfitters

Giving a gag gift to a Stranger Things fan? This parody cookbook includes some of the creepiest recipes ever. It’s fun to look through and would be something any real fan would appreciate.


6. Bicycle Bracelet


 Stranger Things Bracelet, $5.40, Etsy

If your best friend or significant other loves Stranger Things, you might want to get them this sweet bracelet. It’s so unique, and it’s also an amazing price point.


7. Welcome To The Upside Down Doormat


Welcome To The Upside Down Doormat, $45, Etsy

I am extremely obsessed with this doormat and would just like to put it out there that if anyone wants to get me this gift, I accept. It’s great for your bedroom or dorm room, and it’s such a fun gift.


8. Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater


Men’s Stranger Things Ugly Holiday LightUp Sweater, $32.99, Target

Hey, everyone needs at least one ugly Christmas sweater! This one has a cool theme to it, and it’s perfect for the holidays – or for a silly gift.


9. Stranger Things VHS Lamp


Retro VHS Lamp, $20.48+, Etsy

Remember old school VHS tapes? This is fun for the nostalgic element alone, and the Stranger Things theme only makes it better.


10. Notes From The Upside Down: Inside The World Of Stranger Things


Notes From The Upside Down Stranger Things Book, $21, ASOS

Any big fan of the show will appreciate this book, which gives lots of behind the scenes info on the television series and is a really fun read.


11. Stranger Things Coloring Book


Stranger Things Coloring Book, $9.56, Etsy

If you’re looking for a small and inexpensive gift, consider a Stranger Things coloring back. It would be fun to give this to someone with a set of crayons or colored pencils.


12. Stranger Things Eggo Waffle Card Game


Stranger Things Eggo Card Game, $14.99, Target

I am not 100 percent sure what this game is or how to play it, but it looks fun and it makes for a funny and cheap Stranger Things gift for anyone!


13. Stranger Things Sweatshirt


Stranger Things Logo Bleach Hoodie, $39.92, Hot Topic

This bleached hoodie almost resembles the Upside Down! It’s cool, unique, and makes for a really cozy gift.


14. Stranger Things Squad Pin


Stranger Things Squad Pin, $12, Etsy

Want to get something small? This pin of the coolest kids around is the perfect gift option.


15. Tank Top


Stranger Things Tank, $19.95, Etsy

I don’t know why I love this tank top bearing the names of our favorite young actors, but I do. It’s an easy gift for any fan of the show.


16. Hawkins Sweat Pants


Women’s Plus Size Stranger Things Hawkins Graphic Pants, $21.99, Target

Show your love for the show in a more subtle way with these Hawkins sweatpants. They’re cute and comfy!


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