9 Important Tips Every Girl Who Wears Glasses Needs To Know

If you wear glasses every day, or most days, I feel your pain. I’ve been wearing glasses for as long as I can remember, and I have truly terrible eyesight. I’ve never been a huge fan of my eyeglasses and one of the best days of my eighth grade life was when my mom finally deemed me old enough for a pair of contact lens. The second I got them, my glasses became something I only wore around the house when I was sick, when I first woke up, or right before bed – and it’s been that way ever since.

It’s not that I think eyeglasses are nerdy or weird – I don’t! They’re adorable! – it’s that I think they’re annoying AF. They dig into your ears when you try to lay down. They slide down your nose when you wear too much makeup. They get dirty from basically everything and they’re hard to clean quickly. They make it impossible to wear cool sunglasses. They hurt my ears and sides my head if I wear them for too long. They break way too easily and they are MUCH too expensive to replace. They are high maintenance, and wearing them every single day can get old, fast.

So, that said, if you wear glasses all the time, then you absolutely need to know about these tips from a very helpful Ask Reddit thread. Maybe you like your glasses, but you deal with their frustrating side effects and want to make them easier to handle. Or maybe you hate your glasses but have no choice other than to wear them. Who knows! Either way, every girl who wears glasses has to know these important tips, because honestly? They’re kind of life-changing.

Curl Your Eyelashes To Prevent Mascara Marks

One of the most annoying things about wearing glasses is that it makes makeup tough. Mascara, in particular, is annoying - if you don't let it dry fully before putting your glasses on, the mascara touches your lenses, leaving them dirty and icky. Want to avoid that? User bigblindspot says, "Curling your eyelashes will prevent streaks of oil or mascara from showing up on your lenses. Even if you don't wear makeup it's worth the two seconds in the morning."

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Always Put Them On and Take Them Off With Two Hands Instead Of One

One of the things I hate about eyeglasses is that they can get ruined so easily. I can't stand when they become lopsided or too loose - it drives me crazy. One simple way to prevent them from stretching is to always handle them with two hands. User izochasaurus says, "Put them on/take them off with both hands - that will help prevent any damage done to the hinges. Try not to put them on top of your head - that will prevent any stretching to the frame which is sometimes quite difficult to "fix" back to normal."

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Carry Microfiber Cloths With You Everywhere

Another terribly annoying thing about glasses is that they always seem to be smudged or dirty - and if you wear glasses, you know that you can't clean them on just anything. Wiping them with a t-shirt or any other cloth can not only make the smudging worse - it can actually scratch the lens. User destria says, "Have a few of those microfibre cloths on you all the time." A simple tip, but an important one! Microfiber cloths will easily clean your glasses without scratching them. Just make sure you clean the cloth or replace it every few weeks - they can get dirty too.

Only Let Professionals Adjust Loose Glasses

Loose glasses are the worst. If they get very loose, you might try fixing them on your own - but the common tip of tightening the screws probably isn't doing anything. User Nikiki124C41 says, "Eyeglass professional here! If your glasses are loose tightening the screws wont make them tighter, it just stops the temples from flailing about. Go to a shop to get them tightened, most do it for free."

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Order A Cheap Spare Just In Case

As any glasses-wearer knows, it's always a good idea to have a spare pair of eyeglasses in case yours break. Unfortunately, prescription eyeglasses are expensive AF. User basilcinnamonchives says, "Many people here are suggesting a spare, cheap pair of glasses - you should know that it's usually cheaper to order this spare online via goggles4u or a similar site. So you can do this, ask your eye doctor to write down your prescription. If you end up getting contacts, still keep a set of glasses."

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Wipe The Arms With Alcohol To Prevent Acne

If you wear glasses every day, you might notice that they seem to make you break out. That's not surprising, since the grim and bacteria on your skin can sit on the glasses, and then transfer back to your skin again. User Inspiredlikearabbit says, "If your acne prone like me, wipe the arms of the glasses with alcohol. I used to get a lot of breakout on the side of my face until I realised it's where my glasses sit." Keeping them clean will definitely help.

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Blot Makeup On Your Nose To Keep Glasses From Sliding

One of the reasons I can't wear glasses all the time is because I can't deal with the sliding down my nose bit. You can prevent that with a little makeup tip. User pudgewazowski says, "if you wear makeup, blot your foundation on the bridge of your nose and on your cheeks where they touch to keep them from sliding around and rubbing off. Or, skip that part of your face entirely when doing your makeup. No one can really tell and it keeps your glasses cleaner."

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Wear A Hat When It Rains

Every time I have my glasses on in the rain, I wish someone would invent tiny windshield wipers for them. There's a better, and more practical, way to prevent them from getting soaked! User c-renifer says, "Baseball caps or other hats with visors for when it rains or snows. Even when you have a raincoat that partially covers your face, hoods don't usually cover enough. If you wear the ball cap underneath your hood, it will allow you to see without having to wipe your glasses. Keep a ball cap in your car in case it starts raining or snowing while you're driving. If you encounter hail, avoid it if at all possible, or if you cannot, take your glasses off and keep your face pointed down."

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Keep Eyeglass Cleaning Spray Handy

Sometimes a cloth isn't enough to get your eyeglasses clean. For emergencies, have a spray close by. User reenuhh says, "Get one of those travel size eyeglasses cleaning spray. Microfiber cloths clean well but if you have oily skin, having the cleaning spray will help get the oils off of the bridge part and keeps them from sliding down your nose. Keep a case in your back pack or purse for when you want to take them off. Even if you need them on at all times. I always carry one in my backpack during theme parks, can’t wear them on roller coasters. If you get on boats a lot, like speed boats, get one of those things that straps them on help keep them on your head so you don’t lose them. Also have an extra pair (if you can afford it or your insurance allows it)"

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