13 Super Cute Ways To Decorate Your Room With Succulents

If you are anything like me, by this time of year (like, every single year) you find that your room is looking, um, like a real mess.  There are clothes everywhere, storage bins askew, and whatever organization system you had committed to at the beginning of the year, um, isn’t exactly working anymore. The solution, of course, is to try an old-fashioned tidy. But perhaps, even after that is finished, you feel that you still need something to make your room worth living in.  If that is the case for you, there is but one way to update it–succulent plants.

I will say that I am the kind of person who finds all succulent plants to be almost too painfully precious to even discuss at length, so, yes, perhaps I am biased toward the succulent plant lobby as a whole. But I think we can all agree that succulents are adorable, easy to procure, and basically require no real labor to maintain, so they make a perfect addition to any bedroom or college dorm. And you should consider getting some for yourself, too! So, check out these super cute, super easy ways to decorate your bedroom or dorm with succulent plants:

1. Start off with small planters:


Buy this planter for $12 from Natural Life

You can get bigger ones as time goes on, but small, cute ones like the one above are the perfect decorating addition for pretty much any bedroom–the best part is that you won’t even have to move anything around in your room.


2. If you have some old tea tins in your room or kitchen, you can repurpose them as a succulent planter:



So many tea tins are so cute that it would be a shame not to reuse them! This is a perfect way to do it.


3. You can also make these smiling succulent planters out of old mugs:



Is it possible that these are……too cute? Probably!!


4. Or, if you have a matching plate and saucer, that can also be used as a super-cute DIY planter:



Who needs to drink out of it, anyway?


5. As you can see, they’re a perfect way to spruce up a desk in a dorm:



With minimal effort, too.


6. Or a dorm windowsill:



Also low-effort!


7. Especially if you put dismembered doll bodies in there:



This way, no one will be able to say you’re being basic!


8.  You can also make a cool candle tray:



This one probably isn’t the best option for a dorm, but the effect is still pretty cool if you do it without candles.


9. Do these troll dolls with succulent wigs make you feel alive? If so, you can make some yourself:



How could anyone resist?


10. It’s surprisingly easy to find cheap bird cages–if you come across one at a thrift store or yard sale, you can easily transform it into a cute succulent planter:




Bonus points if you have a toy bird to stick in it.


11. Use egg cups as planters:



If you have some egg cups that you think are adorable, but, like me, have never eaten out of an egg cup in your life, the easy solution is to transform it into a succulent planter. All you really need to do is put some potting soil and a plant in there, but if you want, you can drill little holes in the bottom of the cup, too.


12. Feel like being extra seasonally appropriate? Use a pumpkin succulent planter:



You can use them all year round, too, but they’re extra great during the fall.


13. Want to make your room feel fancy? Make these faux marble planters out of old cans:



Low cost, high clout.


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