9 Obvious Signs Someone Is Super Into You

If you have a crush, then at some point, you will probably come across the classic question: should you tell them you like them? It’s a tough call. On the one hand, you might want them to know you’re crushing on them so that you can figure out if you can be together. On the other hand, what if they don’t think of you in that way?! It’s a slippery slope that nobody can really handle. Luckily, there are some ways you can tell if you crush likes you, without asking them. Crazy, I know! But it works.

According to the fine people of Reddit, there are some foolproof signs that someone is into you. This way, you won’t even have to TELL them that you have a crush, you’ll just be able to tell that they have a crush on you, and you can go from there. Even if you don’t like someone that way, you might still want to know if they like you that way, you know? Who knows, maybe you’ll end up feeling the same way?! If you’re curious about if someone is into you, check out these obvious signs that somebody has a crush on you. From my experience, these are all very real.

They Ask You To Help With Easy Tasks

Sneakish-snek said, "When someone needs someone's help for a basic-ass task I assume there is a crush involved. You don't call someone you don't know that well to come over to your house to teach you how to pump a bike tire solely because you are too stupid to use a bike pump." This is embarrassingly true. In high school, I asked my crush to help me get a virus off my computer. Spoiler alert: there was no virus! I used is as an excuse to go to his house. No shame!

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They Ask Silly Questions

Maybe they're not stupid questions, but they might be a little dumb. Yoyoyowedemboiiiss said, "I was at the gym a month or so ago, and some girl came up to me and asked my what time it was. She proceeded to ask me how to do tricep pushdowns. " Okay, maybe she didn't have her phone on her, or she could have been trying to start a conversation. Moral of the story here is that if someone is asking you a basic question, they could just be trying to get your attention.

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They Sit Next To You

Djdanny90999 said, "When they wanna sit by you all the time." If your crush is always trying to snag a seat next to you, they are probably into you! Or they just like the way you smell. Could be either!

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They Are Touchy

As Bag_Of_grapes said, "Finds any excuse to be physical with you. 'Your sweater is so soft, where'd you get it?'" If you find that someone is always trying to get close to you, they might have a crush. Note: if they touch you without your consent, that's not cool!

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They Like To Be Around You, But Will Ignore You

TBH, I feel like I am being dragged right now! User my_two_centz said, "If someone always manages to be around you, but doesn't talk to you. Dead giveaway." This is actually pretty true! If someone is always trying to be around you, but not actually say anything to you, they are probably crushing.

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They Bring You Gifts

Doctordoomduck said, "Bringing you extra food or small little gifts to see your reaction." Okay, if someone is bringing you gifts, they are either super nice or super into you. There is no in between.

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They Laugh At You

Not laughing in a malicious way, but in a cute way. As Eoiny said, "Laughing at everything they say." A lot of people like to make their crush feel good by laughing at their jokes. It helps their ego and makes them feel good about themselves! If someone is always laughing at your jokes and making you feel good, you will associate feeling good with being around them!

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They Make Eye Contact

This is true, especially when you are in the lunchroom and someone from waaaayyy across the room locks eye with you. As marcuswalker15_2_0 said, "Eye contact. Specifically when they are far away." This is a for sure sign that the are either into you, or you have something in your teeth and they are trying to silently communicate that with you.

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They Are Nervous

Hey, not everyone can be cool, calm, and collected all the time. As mrs_speller said, "Nervousness. When I used to 'crush,' I'd stutter or trip over my words. They thought it was cute. I was mortified." This is true for basically everyone. Every person get nervous at some point in their life! Especially around they crush.

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