8 Of The Weirdest Things That Happen When You Ovulate

Why don’t young women know more about ovulation? Whenever you Google it, the top results are from sites about pregnancy or fertility. That makes sense, of course, because ovulation occurs when an egg from your ovaries travels down the fallopian tube and chills in your uterus, waiting to be fertilized by someone’s semen. When it isn’t fertilized within 24 hours, the egg will break down and your period starts a week or so later. So of course women who are trying to get pregnant are going to be interested in that. But whether you’re a 34-year-old woman trying to get pregnant, or you’re a 14-year-old girl who still can’t get the hang of tampons, anyone with a uterus ovulates, and we all have to deal with our bodies going effing berserk from it.

Ovulation might not sound as intriguing as, say, PMS or menstruation itself, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not an important bodily phenomenon to track every month. In fact, you should pay a little extra attention to it because it can trigger some serious weirdness. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, check out these eight weird things that happen when you ovulate.


You Can Actually FEEL The Egg Releasing From An Ovary

Okay, here's a story: A couple of years ago, I started to regularly feel cramp-like pain on one side of my abdomen or the other out of nowhere. I knew it wasn't my period, because that time of the month was always still a week or two away. So WTF was it? Well, it was a phenomenon known as mittelschmerz, which is a fancy (er, and German) way of saying ovulation pain. Basically, you can straight up feel yourself ovulation--your ovary releasing an egg--and it hurts like hell for a day or so. Then, the pain leaves, like it was never even there. So if you're suddenly experiencing cramps in the middle of your cycle, this is why!

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Your Voice Is Higher Pitched

This is really weird, but according to scientists at UCLA, women's voices are higher pitched during ovulation. The scientists suppose that may be an attempt to seem younger and fertile during those few hours of ultimate fertility.


You're Way More Turned On

Basically, you're thirsty af when you're ovulating. Why? Well, your testosterone levels increase, which makes your sex drive higher. Plus, that makes a lot of sense on a purely biological level since you're your most fertile when you're ovulating. It's like your body's way of saying, "PLEASE, FERTILIZE THIS EGG. I'M BEGGING YOU!"


You're More Attractive To Others

A study found that men happened to find ovulating women more attractive than non-ovulating women. So, uh, I guess the best time to try to flirt with your crush IRL is smack dab in the middle of your menstrual cycle. Plan accordingly?


You Might Start Bleeding Even Though Your Period Hasn't Started

TMI but as someone who has always had a super regular period and isn't on any type of birth control, I never thought spotting was really a thing that would happen to me. Well, rewind a couple of months and--BAM--out of nowhere I was low key spotting and freaking out. Well, now I know that I shouldn't have freaked out at all. A big of spotting in-between periods is nothing to really be too concerned about if it occurs when you're ovulating. For some, ovulation can trigger bleeding. It's basically just your body's weird response to a sudden drop in estrogen. So, yeah, don't sweat it.


You're More Competitive

Ovulation really makes us primal AF, because it can cause us to be competitive, specifically against other people who have a uterus. Yes, really: A study showed that ovulating women were less likely to share their money with other women compared to non-ovulating women. Yikes.

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Your Boobs Suddenly Hurt

Breast tenderness is pretty common right before and during your period, but you might also experience it when you're ovulating. Ovulation only lasts for four to 24 hours, so if your breasts suddenly hurt like hell for a day and then feel fine, blame ovulation and the flood of hormones berating your bod.

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You Might Get Sick

During ovulation, your immune system takes a hit...because nothing is fair and the universe loves to wreck havoc on folks with uteruses. Anyway, if you know you're ovulating soon, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and even consider taking some vitamin C ahead of time to stave off any potential illness.

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