7 Ways Masturbating Is Different For Guys And Girls

Before I start this post, I want to point out that not all men have penises and not all women have vaginas. But a lot of men do have penises, and a lot of women do have vaginas, so we are going to talk about the differences between masturbating with a penis vs masturbating with a vagina. Surprisingly, there are quite a few differences that guys and girls experience when they masturbate. And I’m sure you’re curious what happens when a person with a penis masturbates, so I’m going to tell you all about it!

I know you don’t want to ask a guy what  it’s like for him to masturbate since that would be a little…weird? Awkward? An invasion of personal space that you should never reach with someone? I understand. No worries, we’ve got you covered. It’s normal to wonder about what goes down for other people, especially when it comes to sex and anatomy. So, since I know you’re curious, check out these ways that masturbating is different for guys and girls. 

Guys Get Hard

This is pretty obvious, but let's start out with it: people with penises get hard. People with vaginas "feel" horny and might even get wet down there, but guys actually have physical evidence of their horniness. Girls, on the other hand, don't get hard, which some people might consider a blessing.

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They Ejaculate

Some girls CAN ejaculate, but it's pretty rare. Most- if not all- guys ejaculate when they masturbate, which means that they have a harder clean up. So, in a way, it's kind of good that you don't ejaculate, right?

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Female Orgasms Last Longer

Yay! People with vaginas have better orgasms that people with penises! It's true that females have longer-lasting orgasms than men do. Female orgasms can last up to 20 seconds, while the average male orgasm is only three seconds. YIKES!

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Girls Can Orgasm More

Another perk: girls can have more orgasms than guys can. It's true! Guys need time to, uh, "recharge," but girls can get right back into the zone and have another orgasm if they want to have a second masturbation session.

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But Guys Masturbate More

Even though girls can orgasm more, guys tend to masturbate more in general. In fact, according to a recent study, only five percent of women masturbate four times a week, compared to 20 percent of men. Maybe it's because we have much more important stuff to do? I don't know, but you are also allowed to masturbate as much as you want, not matter what the stats say.

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Girl Can Use Sex Toys

Okay, guys can use sex toys during masturbating, but they normally stick to their hand. Girls, on the other hand (ha!) can use vibrators and dildos to get it on with themselves. So...it's more fun for girls, right?

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There Is Less Stigma For Men

This is the annoying fact: it is a lot more socially acceptable for men to masturbate than women. I don't really know why, and it has definitely gotten better over the years, but women are often told to suppress their sexuality, instead of embracing it. But, I give you permission to masturbate as much as you want, okay?

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