10 Beauty Products You Never Thought About Using That You Actually Need

When you are looking for a beauty product of any kind, chances are good that you only have one objective in mind–for it to be effective. But, if you are anything like me, you have two objectives in mind. The first one is for it to work, obviously, and the second? Well, you want to feel absolutely repulsed out of your mind while you are using it.

Personally, I love–love love love–any beauty product that makes me feel a little gross. I am obsessed with seeing the spoils of my labor when I perform my skincare rituals, whether it’s little white dots on a pore strip, actual dirt from my face and neck when I run a micellar water-loaded cotton ball over them, or the little dry bits of skin that peel off after using a particularly effective spot treatment or mask.

Is that too gross for you? Sorry, but if you can’t handle my overproduction of sebum, get out of my kitchen!!! Anyway, if you are like me, and can’t get enough of those skincare products that kind of make you want to puke when you’re using them, check out these super gross beauty products that will make you feel absolutely disgusting–and, as a bonus, actually work:

1. Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mask

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Buy this for $19 from Innisfree
This is a clay mask that gets deep into your pores, clearing them out and giving you a super fresh, clean feeling. If you want it to feel extra gross, you can try “gritting,” a skincare method that involves oil cleansing, applying a clay mask, then oil cleansing again–this will help remove little “grits” of sebum from your skin.

2. Bosica Luminizing Black Peel-Off Mask

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Buy this for $34 from Sephora
Is there anything that is more grossly satisfying than using a peel-off mask? Probably not! I especially love this one from Boscia, which is a super-dark black that helps you see everything you’ve peeled off from your face. Delicious!

3. Peter Thomas Roth Pimple Stickers

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These are little stickers that you put over pimples in order to heal them. They really work! And, even better, you can sometimes see a little bit of pimple residue left over on them.

4. Kate Somerville EradiKate

Buy this for $26 from Sephora
If you’re more of a traditional spot treatment kind of girl, you should try EradiKate acne treatment. It goes on bright pink, so it’s super noticeable, and it dries out pimples basically overnight. It smells kind of like sulfur, which is a little gross, but also makes it feel more effective.

5. Makeup Eraser

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Buy this for $20 from Makeup Eraser
The Makeup Eraser takes off all of your makeup, like, with one swipe. Then, you get to look at it and wonder how all of it even fit on your face. It’s very satisfying.

6. Baby Foot

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Buy this for $25 from Amazon
Baby Feet is possibly one of the grossest, most satisfying things you will ever use. Basically, you stick your feet in the socks for a few minutes. Then, a few days later, like, all of the dead skin on your feet will begin to flake off. It’s awful! You’ll love it.

7. Dr. Jart Rubber Mask

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Buy this for $12 from Sephora
Just look at this sexy baby mask! Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? This mask is gross, satisfying, effective, the whole deal. You’ll love it. I have acne-prone skin, so I like the clear skin version, but I imagine that every version of the mask is equally satisfying.

8. Herbivore Lip Exfoliant

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This is slightly less gross than some of the other things on the list, but still worth a mention. Basically, you just work the scrub over your lips, and all of this dead skin you never even knew you had will come flaking off.

9. IT Cosmetics Miracle Water

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Buy this for $38 from Sephora
This is basically micellar water, which might not seem like it would be grossly satisfying, but trust me–it is. Just pour some over a cotton ball and drag it over your neck and back. A dusty grayish color will show up on it. You know what that is? It’s dirt. And it was all over you. But now it isn’t! Good job.

10. Good Ol’ Pore Strips

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Buy this for $5.99 from Target
I mean. These are things you want to use sparingly–some dermatologists warn that they can cause broken capillaries–but if you’re fixing for something gross and satisfying, there’s really nothing better than some pore strips.

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