Is It Better To Use A Regular Razor Or An Electric Razor When Shaving?

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I use a regular razor when I shave, but noticed my boyfriend using an electric razor. I was just wondering, is it better to use a regular one or an electric razor?


Electric razors do seem like they would work better than regular razors because they look more fancy. But should you be using them to shave body hair instead of your razor? Let’s discuss.

The short answer? No, you shouldn’t be swapping your razor for an expensive electric one any time soon. There are some benefits to electric razors, but those benefits are mainly if you’re using them to shave your face – which dudes often are. They get the job done quickly, but when using them to shave your legs, underarms, or anything like that, the cons outweigh the pros.

To be sure, I asked Dr. Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, a New York City based dermatologist and clinical instructor at New York University and Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine, who also works with Schick, for her opinion. Dr. Kanchanapoomi said, “I tend to not recommend electric razors for body hair as it typically cannot get as close of a shave as a manual razor.” It’s true: electric razors do not give you as smooth of a shave. When you remove the hair on your legs and underarms, you probably want the areas to be pretty silky smooth – you won’t get that with an electric razor.

One of the pros of an electric razor is that you don’t need to use shaving gel or cream with them. That’s great, but shaving cream is one of the ways you’re hydrating your skin and ensuring a smoother shave when removing body hair – so that pro can be seen as a con. Dr. Kanchanapoomi adds, “Most electric razors cannot be used in wet conditions which makes it pretty inconvenient for women who want to remove hair during the shower.” Again, the fact that they don’t need to be used in the shower is a pro for many men quickly shaving their face, but it’s not a pro for removing a lot of body hair, which should be softened in the shower before removal.

There are a few other negatives. One is that an electric razor isn’t as easy to use as a regular razor and can often take practice. Another is that they obviously need to be charged, which is just another annoying thing you have to remember to plug in. Lastly, they’re more expensive and require more maintenance. So, honestly, you’re better off with your regular razor!

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