8 Signs Your Crush Is Using You To Get To Your BFF

As I’m SURE you know, crushes are the worst thing to ever happen to the world. They consume you, ruin your life, and very occasionally result in a happy ending. But, a lot of the time, a crush will just end badly. And sometimes, crushes will have feelings for someone else. In the worst case scenario, your crush will have a crush on your BFF. And that feeling totally sucks.

I’ve been there: you have a crush on a cute guy (or girl!) and they seem sort of interested in you, but maybe even more interested in your friend. You think maybe you’re just being paranoid, or maybe they really actually DO have feelings for your BFF. It’s a slippery slope that can get messy and emotional really fast. If you are struggling to figure out if your crush is into you, or just using you to get to your BFF, check out these signs that they actually might be into your friend. 

You Only Hang In Groups

If you and your crush always make plans to hang, but he always asks if your BFF will be there, he might be trying to get to her instead of you. It sucks and feels crappy, but it happens. If you have ever tried to hang one on one and he shuts you down, he might not be into you.

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He Only Talks About Your BFF

This is so annoying! When you guys DO hang, he's always asking about your BFF, and never asking about you or how you're doing. If your crush always does this, he's either super inconsiderate, or using you to get to your BFF.

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He Asks You To Talk To Your BFF For Him

I get that guys can be shy, but if you crush asks YOU to talk to your BFF for you, even if it's just to ask them to hang, not only is it rude, but it could be a sign that he's crushing on her.

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He Knows About Your Feelings, And Doesn't Do Anything About It

This is the worst. If your crush knows that you have feelings for them, but doesn't do anything about it and still hangs around you and your BFF, they might be using that to their advantage. They know that you have a crush, so you will do anything to hang with you, even if they are just hanging with you to get closer to your friend. It sucks!

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He Shows Affection To You....Only When You're Around Your BFF

Ugh, this is super manipulative. If your crush acts super affectionate towards you, but only when you're around your BFF, they could be trying to make your best friend jealous. It's really crappy to be used like that, but it does happen. If you see this happening a lot, you might need to reconsider your crush.

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He Likes Her Insta Pics, But Not Yours

It's silly, but if your crush is liking other girl's pics, including your friend's, they might be super into them. Of course, they could also just be trying to be nice, but who knows. Boys are confusing AF.

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He Only Answers Her Texts

If you're all trying to make plans to hang, and your crush doesn't text you back, but texts your friend back instead...that's a bad sign. Maybe they are bad at texting or maybe they are just trying to hit on your friend. Sorry.

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Your BFF Has Admitted She Has Feelings For Him

Okay, this is the start of a weird love triangle that just sounds very messy. If you and your BFF have both talked about your feelings for your crush and your crush still seems into them, it sounds like you might need time away from them. Being around your crush as they have a crush on someone else sucks, especially if one of the if your BFF. Talk to your BFF and figure out where you guys should go from there.

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