7 Little Signs That Your Significant Other Just Isn’t Into The Relationship Anymore

Relationships are hard. At this point, this is something that has likely been hammered into your head over and over again, whether you’ve ever even been in a relationship before or not. And, often, the thing that makes relationships so hard is their opacity–you know, the fact that you can never really be sure what you partner is really thinking, which can lead to an end of a relationship that may come as a surprise to you.

Sometimes, though, there are little things that pop up towards the end of a relationship that don’t really seem like a big deal at the time, but, when you look back on them, are clear harbingers of doom for the relationship. Recently, someone on Reddit asked, “What were signs to you that your Significant Other (or maybe a close friend?) wasn’t really that into the relationship anymore? Was there something that tipped you off that they didn’t want to be with you anymore?” And, based on the responses, some of the signs are different than what you might think! So, check out some little signs that show your significant other just isn’t into the relationship anymore:

They're Absent-Minded Around You

The biggest, most noticeable sign? That they kinda, uh, just forget about everything going on in your life. Rarroclock said, "They would forget we had plans... forget to ask me about important things going on in my life...just generally be absent minded and way less excited to hang out with me." If you notice this happening to you, end the relationship (or, at the very least, have a talk with your SO). It's not worth it to wait around until things get better!

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You Stop Fighting

People tend to think that lots of fighting and arguments signal the end of a relationship. But sometimes, the opposite is true. sleepyemoji said, "Things that used to get to him, sparking fights and bad moods, seemed to stop bothering him as much. He wouldn't call me out on things. In the months before our 4.5 year relationship ended, we fought less than we ever had, and I think it was we were both starting to care so much less. That was the biggest sign - not fighting. We also texted less, didn't make time together as much of a priority, and he didn't have that light in his eyes when he looked at me, you know?"

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Intimacy Falls Off

A noticeable loss of intimacy is a pretty big sign of the end of a relationship, too. princessbtch666 said, "He stopped caring about spending time together, we lived together and he would pass out on the couch instead of sleeping in bed with me. There was a total lack of intimacy the last few months of our relationship. He didn't want to shower with me anymore, barely liked to hold hands in public, he would hang out with his friends until like 4am most nights and sleep until 3pm and act like I was being crazy when I was upset because 'he had other people in his life.' We stopped going on dates or spending any quality time together. I stopped making him laugh and he stopped being there when I needed it." This is sad, but it's a fairly common way for relationships to end. If you notice intimacy start to fall off, with no real explanation for it, you should definitely talk to your partner about it.

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Intimacy Fully Stops

Sometimes, this lack of intimacy isn't exactly subtle. 525days said "Yeah, he stopped touching me. Like, not just having sex. He wouldn't kiss me...or hug me...that was a big clue." That is a big clue! You deserve to be touched (if you want) so it's a pretty big deal if your partner just stops doing it altogether.

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Your Partner Starts To Push Your Limits

Noticing your partner starting to push your limits? Call them out on it. Redhaired103 said, "First the eye contact decreased, enough for me to notice. Then he started to do some risky things like tweeting about how hot an actress was when he knew I was going to see. He started to not really laugh at my jokes. Then he chose to do other things when we already didn't see each other in a week." If this happens to you, it's not worth hanging on just to see what happens! End things ASAP.

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They Make You Feel Like A Burden

If your partner starts to make hanging out with you seem like a chore--when it should be something that's, you know, fun for them--that's not a great sign. CrushedLaCroixCan said, "He began penciling me in on his calendar. We lived together - you'd think watching a show on Netflix even just once a week would come naturally, not something that would need to be penciled in." So, pay attention to how they make you feel when you ask to hang. Do they make you seem like a burden? If so, cut them loose. You don't need them anymore!

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They Start Becoming Bad At Texting You Back

Long distance relationships are notoriously difficult to maintain--and, because of this, it can also be hard to realize when things aren't really working out anymore.  canibeaflower said that, in their long distance relationship, they "used to talk throughout the day all day and into the night then after about 7 months he started to take hours to reply, then a whole day, gradually it became a few days before I got a reply back and he blamed this on uni and working. After that he would reply weekly then suddenly just nothing. I thought his phone broke and he couldn't get my number and wasn't able to work out that I had been dumped until about two months later when he texted me..."

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