16 Clever Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes That Require Almost No Effort

It’s the Friday of Halloween weekend, and if you still haven’t picked out a costume to wear (despite the fact that you’re going out!), you probably feel a few different emotions. One is that you’re panicked, stressed, and worried about finding a great costume in, like, a few hours. Two: you’re not motivated at all to actually look for or do anything, even though you don’t really want to be the party pooper who doesn’t dress up. So, you look up some last minute costume ideas, only to find that most of them still require effort and creativity, and then you feel exhausted and ready to give up.

But wait! There are some last minute Halloween costume ideas that actually do require almost no effort. You can probably make them with items you already own, and the most you’ll have to do is, like, write something on a piece of paper. You can handle that, right? Of course you can. And you can still manage to be clever if you do it right. This Ask Reddit thread gave us so many creative ideas for Halloween costumes that require almost no effort. So little effort, you can do most of them just an hour before you walk out the door.

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15 Last Minute Costumes To Make With Your BFF

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