15 Ways To Prevent Frizzy Hair In The Winter

Frizzy hair can be a major issue in the summer. I don’t know about you, but my sleek, freshly blow-dried locks seem to inflate the second I step out on hot muggy days—and it takes a lot of fighting to tame them. Ugh. That’s why I sometimes look forward to winter. However, I quickly realize that the cold temperatures can cause my locks to frizz just as much. What’s up with that?

It’s all thanks to dry, icy outdoor temperatures mixed with the moisture-sucking heating that’s on inside. Basically, no matter where you go, you’ll end up in an environment that will encourage frizz. Since it’s not practical to turn off the heat or hibernate like a bear until the spring, I look for ways to prevent and mange frizz.

If your locks keep frizzing up and you need some help, I’m here. I’ve rounded up some tips and hacks to help you get silky, smooth strands no matter the weather. Keep scrolling to see 15 ways to manage frizzy hair this winter.

1. Sleep on a silk pillowcase.



A silk pillowcase might sound way too fancy for you, but it comes with a lot of benefits. It’s soft, it’s gentle on skin, and it prevents frizz and tangles.


2. Ditch the towel.



Say goodbye to the towel you love so much and dry your hair with a T-shirt. Really.


3. Embrace hair masks.



Hair masks should be your friends when it comes to preventing frizz and keeping strands smooth.


4. Leave some conditioner in.



I want you to forget about getting your hair squeaky clean and actually leave some conditioner in. To prevent greasiness, ensure your roots are clean but leave some product on the ends.


5. Spritz an anti-frizz spray over locks.



Don’t wait for frizz to start. Prevent it from ever happening by spraying an anti-frizz product in damp strands.


6. Air-dry your hair the right way.

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There are right ways and wrong ways to air-dry your hair. Do it right, and you will keep frizz to a minimum.


7. Do not touch hair.



Keep those digits away from strands. Constantly touching your hair only increases frizz. I know it’s hard, but stop.


8. Add some mayo to your hair. Really.



I know it might seem really strange, but mayonnaise can help fight frizz. Try it in a hair mask then rinse it out.


9. Try a hot oil treatment.



When hair is frizzy, it often means it’s lacking moisture. Hydrate parched locks with an easy DIY hot oil treatment. Just make sure the oils don’t get too hot.


10. Try a deep conditioning treatment.



There is regular conditioner and then there are deep conditioning treatments. Use the latter when your standard conditioner isn’t cutting it.


11. Try the pineapple technique. 



“Pineappling” produces cute hairstyles, but it also is something that can be done before bed to prevent frizzies.


12. Make sure you’re using the right hair tools.



The wrong comb and hairbrush could actually be making frizz worse. If you’re not sure what hairbrush you should be using, speak to your hairstylist.


13. Use an ionic dryer.



If you haven’t heard of ionic dryers, now is the time to get familiar with them. They help hair dry faster plus they harness the power of ions so they dry hair while leaving it smoother. Now that is good science.


14. Develop a routine that works with your hair.



To get rid of frizz, you first need to understand the type of hair that you have. Instead of fighting it, you should be focused on a routine that works with it. It will make your hair look better than ever.


15. Give co-washing a shot.



FYI: “Co-washing” means “conditioner washing.” As the name suggests, it involves “washing” your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo can sometimes strip hair of its natural oils which leads to frizziness.


How do you deal with frizzy hair in the winter? Let us know in the comments!

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11 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair In The Winter

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