7 Underrated TV Shows You Need To Watch ASAP

If you are a person who gets your television information based solely on internet buzz, you would be forgiven for assuming that there are only, like, three TV shows currently on the air–Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and Riverdale.  Obviously, these shows are good. They wouldn’t get this much hype if they sucked! But they do seem to suck all of the coverage that other shows (both past and present) could be getting, and, for what it’s worth, certainly aren’t the only shows out there, either.

If you have been feeling a television-sized void in your heart that can’t be filled by Game of ThronesStranger Things, or Riverdale, you will probably be interested in a Reddit thread I found recently where people listed their favorite underrated, under-watched TV shows. So, here are some seriously underrated TV shows that you should probably check out before the year is over:

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Do you like shows with random (but excellent) musical numbers? Try watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! Earthxshakes said, "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is incredibly underrated. It's one of the smartest and funniest shows on TV right now." Yes! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is definitely a critical darling that doesn't seem to get a ton of attention from the masses, but it's definitely worth your attention. Check it out and see for yourself!

Peep Show

If you're into British comedy (and shows that often  get turned into photosets on Tumblr), you should check out Peep Show. Pjsdino said, "Peep Show is well known on Reddit and in the UK, but I never hear about it in America." The show isn't on the air anymore, but it has a bunch of episodes, so it's great for a weekend binge watch.

Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum is another one of those shows that you'd probably recognize by looking at--it received a fair amount of critical acclaim and getd GIF-ed a lot-but might not have thought to actually start watching. You should do that! Lookingforaforest said, "Chewing Gum is hilarious. It's about a 26 year old woman trying to have sex for the first time and it’s written and starring the same extraordinarily talented woman."

The Expanse

If you want to watch something that's sort of like Game of Thrones but, like, not Game of Thrones at all, there's a show for you. Drunkenknitter said that they like "The Expanse. Really good sci-fi with interesting characters and very strong female leads...The easiest way to describe it I think would be 'Game of Thrones in space.' But with significantly less rape and boobs." Sign me up!

When Calls The Heart

In the mood for something sappy, but not overly saccharine? Try watching When Calls the Heart. Lanuddie said, "It's a Hallmark Channel series about an heiress schoolteacher who moves out west and her ensuing romance with a Mountie. There are three seasons on Netflix and my face usually hurts after watching from grinning because it's just too damn cute." This sounds nice, especially in a television climate in which most series tend to rely on grittiness and darkness. There isn't anything wrong with grittiness and darkness, necessarily, but some times you just need to smile. This seems like a great way to do that!


Superstore, a comedy about an "oddball" collection of employees who woork at a supersized megastore, isn't a show that gets a ton of press. But its fans want to change that! Madamehussaine said, "Superstore. It's hilarious and I never hear anything about it." So, it might be worth it to check this one out, too.

The Venture Bros

Into shows with lots of recurring jokes? Try The Venture Bros! Xiporah said that the show is their "all time favorite. The humor is witty, the characters are ridiculously fleshed out and even someone at the Adult Swim studio told the creators, 'You're pretty much just writing this for yourselves and your fans at this point, aren't you?' Because there were so many inside jokes and call backs in the script that they did not understand." So, try and catch up on the show beforehand, and then watch it? Either way, it's worth trying out!

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