7 Ways To Still Look Cute On Rainy Days

Fall is the best time of year, obviously. The colors, the cool air, the ~spooky~ spirit. IMO, it’s the best season! But, it’s also a weird season, since the weather doesn’t quite know what it’s doing. It’s muggy and rainy in the morning, then cold and sunny in the afternoon. TBH, it sucks. How are you supposed to wear your cute fall leggings and sweaters when you have to think about gross weather? I feel you. You really want to break out your trendy fall skirts and dresses, but you don’t them to get all ruined in the rain. Ugh.

I know some people who LOVE the rain, but I have always hated it because of how it ruined perfectly crafted outfits. But, there are some ways to keep yourself looking stylish without having to get drenched in the rain. If you need some advice (besides just “stay inside”) check out these easy ways to still look chic when it’s raining out this fall. Good luck, you’ve got this.

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