8 Signs He Doesn’t Really Like You, He’s Just Horny

Before I start this post, I want to make one thing clear: There’s nothing wrong with being thirsty. We all get thirsty, and if we’re lucky we can quench that thirst with some good ol’ consensual hooking up. Whether it’s getting hot and heavy with your long time bae or someone you’ll probably never see naked again, there’s nothing wrong with getting your horn on.

There is, however, something wrong when someone pretends they care about someone and is actually just using them for sex and nudes. And by wrong I mean, man, that’s really effed up and makes you an a-hole.

I know, it can be hard to be upfront with someone if you want one thing and they want another. For example, maybe you’re looking for an actual relationship and the dude you’ve been low key seeing is really just interested in pics of you half dressed. He could just be honest with his intentions, but…he’s not. If you want to know where your partner lies, check out these eight signs he doesn’t really like you, he’s just horny. Of course, he might think you’re cool and all, he just thinks your boobs are cooler.

He Only Hits You Up At Nighttime

He doesn't want to go with you to the record store, or that cool food truck downtown, or a cheap gig. Nope. Dude might as well be a vampire, because he's always hitting you with the "you up?" text when you're already in your bedclothes. Hey, you're thirsty too, so it's natural to oblige this dude's oh-so-sexy request, but come on. Nobody who really cares about you doesn't just hang out with you at night; they'd be happy to be out and about with you at school, at the park, etc.

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He Talks To You About Sexual Things Any Chance He Gets

Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little curiosity. Who isn't curious about how much a sexual partner or crush masturbates, or how far they've gotten? But when your conversations are always about sex--like, always--that's not normal. Dude has no chill and can't seem to keep his thirst under control. Listen, if you have to go out of your way to change the subject on a regular basis because he keeps talking about sex, then he's probably mainly interested in you for sex purposes.


He Pressures You Into Having Sex

Maybe you relent sometimes just to get him to shut up (which is dubious AF as far as consent is concerned), other times you straight up reject him, leaving him to mope. But no matter what the end result is, you can rely on him to always want to hookup, even if you're not really in the mood. If this dude really cared about you, he'd have more respect for your choices.


He Mostly Wants To Swap Nudes

Dude loves asking for nudes, and maybe he sends a few of his own every now and then. For the most part, your texts are a tiny bit of small talk and then a whole lot of "send me a pic? ;)" Ugh, sis, you deserve someone who will at least swap some dank memes with you first.

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His Relationship History Largely Consists Of Hookups

There's nothing inherently wrong with never having a long-term relationship, but you can't exactly expect one right off the bat if a) he's not showing any signs of committing to you beyond sex; and b) his sexual history is mostly just...sex.

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He Only Compliments Your Body, Nothing Else

Oh, he's super flattering...when it comes to your boobs or your butt or something. But when it comes to your smarts, your sense of humor, your good taste in music...yeah, all that is way secondary to him because he's thinking with his privates. We all like when people flatter our bodies, but we're more than this skin sack we prance around in. A good dude knows that. This dude you're messing with? Yeah, if all of this hits too close to home, he's not a good dude.

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He Doesn't Stick Around Long After Hookups

He's not exactly the type of guy to spend the night, even if the opportunity presents himself. He really wants to get in and get out (pun intended). He comes through late, you guys fool around, and then he makes some excuse to bounce. It would be one thing if these excuses--he has to pick up his brother, he needs to get enough sleep for class tomorrow--happened every now and then...but we're talking damn near every time you hook up. Yeah, no, he's playing you and only wants you for sex.

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He Evades Conversations About Relationship Status Like The Plague

So you two have been hooking up for a while, and you want to turn it into something serious. He's not obligated to want a relationship with you, but he should at least be mature enough to be real about his intentions. If he always finds a way to evade the DTR (defining the relationship) conversation...he might be taking advantage of you.

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