18 Of The Prettiest Halloween Makeup Looks You’ll Ever See

Have you ever seen that meme called “there are two types of girls on Halloween?” It basically infers that, when it comes to costume choices, girls either opt to be sexy and revealing or funny and ridiculous. It looks like this:


I’m not the biggest fan of this meme. If you choose to take it very seriously, it pretty much says that girls are either sexy and intimidating, or funny and full of personality, and that no one is in between. I don’t typically take memes that seriously, though, and what I really dislike about this is that it makes you feel like you can pick between two types of Halloween costumes. As someone who does take Halloween very seriously, I have to argue that it’s not true. You can look gorgeous, sexy, and scary or you can look funny, sexy, and interesting. And that’s just naming two!

Anyway. The point I’m trying to make is this: it’s okay if you want to look stunning on Halloween. One way to do that is to rock amazing makeup. You can pick a Halloween makeup look that is super pretty, while also being a little bit creepy. And you don’t even need to add anything to it! Not convinced? Here are a few of the prettiest Halloween makeup looks you’ll ever see:

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