9 Weird Habits That Every Girl Has

Here’s the truth: no matter how strange you might think you are, we all have those weird ~quirks~ that we hide from our friends and significant others. We hide them because we’re scared that they will find out and think of us differently. We’re scared they’ll make fun of us and maybe not even want to be around us anymore. Spoiler alert: you might be weird. And that’s okay! We ALL do weird things that we are afraid people will judge us for, but it’s time to be open and honest about how strange we all are.

I was recently reading a study about weird things that ALL girls do, even if they don’t admit it out loud. Honestly, some of them are real AF. And some of them are just… odd. But I won’t judge! You live your life the way you want to! If you want to pee in the shower then, by all means, pee in the shower! You do you, girl. But, if you need some validation that the strange thing you’re embarrassed to do is actually pretty common, check out these nine weird habits that mostly every girl has.

Pee In The Shower

This is actually super common, I guess? About 94 percent of women admitted to peeing in the shower. Of course, the toilet is RIGHT there, but I guess the ~thrill~ of peeing while standing up is something that some girls might enjoy. I won't judge.

Image Source: 30 Rock

Pick Pimples Too Soon

Yes, we all do this and yes, it's bad for your skin. But it's so satisfying, right?! 94 percent of women admit to picking pimples, even when they know they really shouldn't. Be careful, as those can scar!

Image Source: Mean Girls

Play With Pubic Hair

I suppose this is a very common thing, as 39 percent of girls admitted to doing this. It's not in a sexual way, but more in a "this is your body you can touch it however you want" sort of way. Hey, you do you! And if you do this, you're definitely not alone.

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Fart After Someone Leaves The Room

Okay, yes, this makes sense. You don't want to fart while someone is in the room, so getting to do it after they leave is a pretty good feeling. I mean, I GUESS. I wouldn't know, since I'm a girl and I have never farted in my life. But, 97 percent of women admit to waiting until people to leave so that they can fart. That's fair.

Image Source: Clueless

Smell Your Underwear

Do you ever...smell your underwear to see if it's clean enough to wear another day? You are not alone in that. In fact, 44 percent of girls do this in order to make it another day without doing laundry. You SHOULD really wash your underwear regularly, though, since you don't want to get any infections down there.

Image Source: Friends

Go To Bed Without Washing Your Face

I mean, we ALL do this, right? Or is that just me? You get home from hanging with your friends and pass out while watching Parks and Rec on Netflix. Well, 59 percent of girls surveyed admitted to going to bed without washing their face. Honestly...I get it. But, it is important to wash off all that makeup and dirt before you go to bed so you don't wake up with annoying breakouts.

Image Source: Easy A

Make Weird Noises

Confession, I do this a lot. Just...make weird noises when I'm alone. Luckily, so do 46 percent of women surveyed. I guess it's just a thing we do to make sure that our vocal chords still work? I don't know, guys. But I can relate.

Image Source: Teen Wolf

Sit In Weird Ways While On The Phone

Wait, OTHER people do this too?! Every single time I am on the phone for longer than 10 minutes, I tend to pace around my room or lay down on my floor. So do 57 percent of girls surveyed. Why do we do this? Not sure, but it can get pretty tiring TBH.

Image Source: Broad City

Check Behind Your Shower Curtain

I guess 27 percent of us are out here living our lives like we are in a horror movie? Do you ever check behind your shower curtain before you use the bathroom? Maybe there is a one in a million chance that someone will be there, but you might as well check, right?

Image Source: Pitch Perfect

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