20 Last Minute Costumes You Can Make With Clothes You Already Own

Every October, I do the same exact thing: in the beginning of the month, I vow to come up with the perfect costume idea, so I spend a lot of time looking for one. I think of something good, then proceed to procrastinate buying absolutely anything that would make that perfect costume idea come to fruition. Then, the night before I make plans to go out for Halloween, I panic that I have nothing to wear, I go to a million stores, I hate everything, and I end up doing something completely last minute and usually a little lazy. It’s just my thing, I guess.

And, let me tell you, last minute costumes are tough. It’s hard to find anything good in a few hours, or anything inexpensive – every cheap Halloween item usually needs to be ordered ahead of time. Plus, everyone knows that the laws of shopping include the one where you only find things you need when you don’t need them. If you want to put together a cool last minute costume without scouring every mall in a 20 mile radius, you need to do something with the clothes you already own. And you totally can! Just grab some stuff from your closet, and get a little bit creative. Here are a few ideas for last minute costumes that don’t require you to buy anything:

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