8 Weird Things That Happen To Your Vagina When You’re Turned On

Think about the last time you got really turned on – there were probably a lot of things happening to your body, especially down there. Obviously! You probably already know that feeling horny can make you wet (even if you’re just sitting there), quicken your pulse, and make you feel a little flushed. Maybe it makes you do things you normally wouldn’t do, like make the first move on your crush or significant other, or say things in the heat of the moment that would typically make you blush. You know all this already – but you did you know it can also do some other weird things to your vagina?

When I say “weird,” I don’t mean, like, call your gyno immediately because bad stuff is happening down there! I just mean things go on in the vaginal area that you probably don’t think about, or that you might think only happen to you when actually they’re quite common. It’s good to know what’s normal and what might be cause for concern, because, as the person who reads your frantic emails, dear reader, I know many of you get anxious over every little thing that happens to your body (I get it!). Here are a few weird things that happen to your vagina when you’re turned on – look out for them next time!

It Hurts

Do you ever feel an aching, sort of uncomfortable feeling down there when you're turned on? Like, you get turned on, and then you or your partner touches your down there area, and it feels achy and painful? That might seem like a loud alarm that something is seriously off, but it's more common than you would think. When you're horny, there's a lot of extra blood flow to that area, which can cause something like congestion, and touching the area can be a little painful. This pain is sometimes also felt right after having an orgasm.

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You Feel Like You Have To Pee

Ever been really turned on, ready to go, maybe even in the middle of hooking up with someone, and then suddenly... you feel the urge to pee? That's normal too. But, you probably don't actually have to pee. Instead, what's most likely happening is this: the urethral sponge is swelling to keep you from actually peeing when doing sex stuff - and that swelling is also making you feel like you have to pee. Weird!

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It Changes Color

The next time you're turned on, take a look down there - you'll probably notice some new colors. When you're aroused, your inner labia will change color. They'll usually go from pink to bright red, unless you've given birth before, in which case they'll go from bright red to deep purple. It has to do with the swelling of blood and all that.

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You Get A Boner

If you thought only guys got boners, you'd be wrong! Obviously, anyone with a vagina isn't going to get the same type of boner as, like, a penis boner, but you get it. I hate the term "lady boner" so much, but it exists! When you get turned on, your vagina swells, and it could become more firm. Your clitoris essentially firms up and becomes erect and more noticeable and easy to find. A lady boner!

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Your Uterus Rises

When you get aroused, your body actually knows to prepare for penetration. In order to do this, your uterus rises and lifts up, lengthening the vaginal canal to make things work. That, my friends, is the reason you want to do foreplay before penetration: it makes things easier.

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It Gets Super Sensitive

You know all of that blood flow and swelling we keep talking about? Well, all of that can make the vaginal area super sensitive. Any little touch or movement could make you even more turned on - or maybe even bring you to the brink of orgasm.

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Tenting Happens

Another way your vag prepares for penetration is through tenting. This is when part of your vagina close to the cervix dilates, and the lower part constricts. It makes it easier for something to go in there, like a penis.

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It Gets Bigger

You might wonder how your small vaginal area accommodates a penis or a sex toy when you're super turned on. We already went over the specifics, but what also happens is the area expands a bit to make things more comfortable. A lot of people assume that this can cause the vagina to get "stretched out" permanently, but that's not true! It swells and expands when turned on, then shrinks back down when you're done.

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