15 Tumblr Posts That Will Remind You Why You Hate Boys

I think we can all agree that, at this point, hating boys and the things they do is hardly transgressive. In fact, based on the various, deeply offensive stunts that boys have been known to pull, hating them is not so much a revolutionary act as it is a reactive one. Like, of course you hate that random guy in your chemistry lab for texting you at 3 AM with an unsolicited dick pic–you’d be insane not to.

But, perhaps, you know you dislike boys, the same way that you know you like certain flavors of ice cream and dislike others, but cannot, for whatever reason, remember why. If so, don’t worry about it! I’ve got you covered. So, check out these Tumblr posts that will help remind you why, exactly, you hate boys so much:

1. Maybe it’s because you always have to deal with “broflakes:”



2. Or because random guys always insist on saying stuff like this:



3. And texting stuff like…this:



4. And this:



5. And this!!!


6. And, somehow, there’s always a Dan:



7. Lol!



8. The more you discourage them, the stronger they get:



9. And that masculinity is so, so fragile:


10. The good news? You can always identify them based on their outfits:



11. Anyway, have you ever read a book written by a man? I don’t recommend it!



12. This is…accurate:



13. It is a confusing paradox:



14. Sigh:



15. Find the lie!


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